USA vs. Team World

This February, America’s top high school football players will take on the best high school-aged players from around the world. The 2011 U19 National Team, featuring players committed to top NCAA FBS schools, will face a World Select Team made up of the top players from outside the United States.

22 Canadians in "Team World"

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Curious what the the position of 'ATH' is. Gilbert-Knorren was used in an all purpose way for the Huskies this year. He played QB, RB, R, PR, KR. But still am baffled what ATH is. Regardless this guy is a talent.

I'm shocked that the world is putting canadian college kids against kids fresh out of high school....I notice this last year I wonder why is that?

ATH stands for “athlete” they played more than 1 position in high school.

Kickoff is 7:30 p.m. CT. on Feb. 2.

Live Stream from the game:

It's tonight. Watch it

who won?

Team USA

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Seemed like a good one.

I dont think its fair for the world team to fill its roster with college players.....Not being mean you have high school kids from the usa playing canadian college freshman.I give the usa credit for beating college CIS KIDS

it makes perfect sense. You couldnt field an all high school world team that would make it a game worth watching. Be worse than the pro bowl. As it is, the score flatters the world when you look at the stats.

When you hink about canadian college freshman cant beat usa high school players....The stats have nothing to do with it...COLLEGE PLAYERS cant beat HIGH SCHOOL players