USA TODAY article: "Could Tim Tebow end up in the CFL?"

sadly, this author seems to revel in unwarranted disparaging of the CFL...

Could Tim Tebow end up in the CFL?
Chris Chase, USA TODAY

Given Tebow's lack of playing time and the fact that he was passed over by third-string quarterback Greg McElroy for Sunday's start, it's a safe bet that what happens involves Timmy and the Jets parting ways. But where would he end up? Is it possible Tebow would take his talents north to the Canadian Football League?

If Adrian McPherson can start in the CFL, then surely Tim Tebow could too -- nor is it possible Tebow would go to the UFL or AFL before the CFL. The first two are rock bottom. The CFL is on the path to rock bottom. Tebow is struggling, but he's not there yet.

He still has the aura of being a possible NFL success. Since he didn't prove otherwise this season, the dream can live on.

As long as Tebow doesn't get on the field and prove otherwise, there's the hope that he'll find greatness. It's a play off the old saying, "better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." Going to the CFL removes all doubt.

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US has moron reporters too I guess. Adrian is not starting and the UFL is rock bottom.

Ok there, Warren Moon and Doug Flutie and Jeff Garcia and Cam Wake etc. are rock bottom? Okey dokey there ignoramous Yankee Doodle Dandy writer.

These moron writers like to insult their very own but hey, if that's what turns them on, I guess they should go for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Typical American ignorance and myopia. Anything they didn't invent and which doesn't make bazillions of dollars must be worthless.

Chris Chase is a useless blogger on Yahoo Sports that even Americans don't respect. I wouldn't be very concerned about this...

If Adrian McPherson can start in the CFL, then surely Tim Tebow could too -- nor is it possible Tebow would go to the UFL or AFL before the CFL. The first two are rock bottom. The CFL is on the path to rock bottom. Tebow is struggling, but he's not there yet.
Well, I took a different take on it. He said of the UFL and AFL "the first two are rock bottom." When he says the "CFL is on the path to rock bottom" he's referring to a player in the CFL, not the league. By NFL standards, a player in the CFL is on the path to the rock bottom...i.e. making $80k for a few years then out of football, forgotten except in Canada. :|

Tebow is an average pro football player but the star power that he attracts has made him millions do to his college football career. He could possibily be the Majority owner of a CFL expansion team and be more of a star owning a team then playing for one.

There's no tangible evidence to suggest Tim Tebow can even play in the CFL. The dude can barely play a position in a game he's grown up with and all of a sudden he's supposed to dominate a league with a bunch of different rules... I don't think we'll see Tebow in the CFL for various reasons, and if he did come, I doubt he would be very successful.

even Joe Theismann does not believe Tebow can succeed in the CFL..

[b]Theismann, who played quarterback in the CFL and the NFL, thinks the New York Jets' backup pivot is ill-suited to the demands of the game north of the border. Speaking on The TEAM 1040 in Vancouver on Wednesday, Theismann discussed the challenges that Tebow might face should he try to play in the Canadian league.

"Tebow can't play in the CFL. The field is wider, it's bigger. He has trouble throwing the football. I can't see him succeed," explained Theismann.
"If you want to play quarterback at any level, Pop Warner, high school, college, professional, you have to be able to complete passes. You can't be a sub-50 per cent passer and be successful in any league. [/b]

Most CIS qb's probably throw better than he can. He'll be finished with football shortly, barely a one hit wonder.

Why is Tim Tebow even a thing?

Athletically, he's awful. And he can't read the field or throw a pass. Just what exactly continues to make him attractive to pro teams of any league?

That is one of the football worlds mysteries. For some reason, that I can not explain, he attracts attention. People like him and he extended his time due to being the starting QB for the Broncos who went to the playoffs even though he really did not have a great season.
I would love to see him in the CFL as the Majority owner of a group that brings a team and stadium to Halifax. He has that something that would have investors follow him and fund any venture that he wants to get into. LOL. Rogers wants to be americanized maybe Tebow can convince them to build a stadium in Halifax and own the franchise.
All things aside he is a college football legend and will be an on air personality for college football very soon.

For sure, the guy played well enough to make some big money even if it was more on mystique than anything but he was playing qb for the Broncos and winning some games as a qb there. Have to give him some credit.

Somehow I doubt he has even heard of a place like Halifax though and if he did probably thinks it’s some northern outpost fishing village. Oh wait, probably 1/2 of Canadians think that as well. :o :wink:

Agreed on that. I don't recall ever a mediocre quarterback getting so much hype and attention. And "mediocre" may be too kind. . . he doesn't even have a 50% completion rate, correct me if I'm wrong.

this article sounds like it's written by some NFL fan in ontario.

Good point dg, probably explains why he doesn't even mention guys (probably never even heard of actually) like Theismann, Moon, Garcia, Flutie, Wake etc. that have played in the CFL and how the level of play in this league is excellent. And that basically all the players in the CFL are college all-stars from both sides of the border.

......In a passing league like the CFL, I think he wouldn't fair well at all....His mechanics are horrid, his mental game is comparable to Michael Bishops (at least he could throw)...I don't know what Trestman sees in him BUT I have seen transformations before...Does Mark in Mont. have a magic lol...It might take that and then some to make this guy successful in this league.. :wink:

The extra defender on defence would probably cause him a lot of trouble as it does for a lot of qb’s from the States who can’t adapt to that.

I preface what I'm about to say with the opinion that it will never happen. He has nothing to gain in the CFL as some have already discussed.

What would be the goal or end game for a CFL team to bring him here? His NFL play certainly doesn't point to any potential CFL success. The only goal I could see would be to get media attention.

Still, If he fairs well, all the haters will say "The CFL is so bad that Tebow looks good"
If he plays poor they will just say: "He is just a bad football player".
Many fans will wonder why we brought him here at all.

We (the CFL) need to leave the days of "gimmick" signings in the past (I'm looking at you Argos :wink: ). Signing Tebow would be a gimmick. It disrespects the league and the talent of the players who play in it. We need to grow the league by striving to make the on field play, game day experience and promotion better. The CFL is in a position to do that for the first time in long time. Better contracts, better sponsorship, better pay, better players. Gimmicks will only bring back the much (mis)used "Only in the CFL" slogan.

For those of us who love this league, we know the talent level is high. In my 20 years as a fan I have seen the talent level increase noticeably. We don't need to prove it to anyone. For those who see the league as a joke, putting Tebow in it won't make them look any harder.

Tebow to the CFL would be nothing but a fall from grace story to those down south (and Rogers affiliates). We don't want to be the pillow that cushions his fall. IMO

LOL, I can only be amused by this, it's so ridiculous its hard to take seriously.