we all know the truth.

truth is…your an idiot…**edit




why r u on this forum at all?...dont u have better things to do with your time, than try to stir up trouble?

i see i have hit a soft spot in you. its ok, i am here for you. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Don't worry, give him some slack, the mentally ill (I mean americans) just can't get over the fact that they are complete idiots. I mean, its not there fault, they could not help but be concieved. :lol:
(no offense to the nice yanks on this forum)
I am sure this guy voted for Bush, or is related to him somehow.

Okie boy it is in your water you drink it and everything is great. You want to trash someone look in the mirror. What no events in the trailer park today. Look both countries are great to live in. I prefer Canada and you prefer the USA. So why the trash mouth. I have relatives that live in both countries. Oklahoma is a nice state much like Saskatchewan. People are friendly and well educated. So whats with the crap you did not like what someone said to you. Maybe you should go sit in the shed with the half moon for a while and do what you do best.

........don't blanket bash the boys from south of the 49th, not all americans are bad..........we have been getting excellent input from geo, Peter, chitown, Huskerman and a host of other decent yanks that appreciate our forum...........sooner is an idiot no doubt, and someone hit his sore spot first, too bad he's not mature enough to say he's a better man than to have to retalliate with small man words.......


True story:

My mom and sister went to England. At one restaurant when they were ready to leave the waiter said “your Canadian aren’t you?”
My mom said yes.
He said he could tell because he knew they from N.A. and they had said thank you. He said not once has an American said thank you.

I intended no offense to any great american, only the ones we all seem to hear about. I love the US, although I much prefer Canada (who wouldn't)
I appreiciate all the great Yanks on this forum, and my comment was not intended at them, but it is kinda of funny how some people that live somewhere have a totally different view of how the world sees them as opposed to how the world REALLY sees them.

While I love being Canadian, and wouldn't choose ANY other country over this one, I have nothing against Americans, per se.

Only those arrogant ones who start threads like this one.

Is there a point to this thread other than trolling and making the Canadians on this forum mad and making a divider between us and our American friends who love this game?

thats 5 big ones. lol

lets try to stick to football. How do those Sooners look this year? Are they going to schedule any MountainWest teams this year? Stay away from the mighty Horn Frogs, groooowllll, they sure are tough. lol.

oh, haha, your so tough. tcu lost 1 game the whole season. they were a good team. we were very young, led by a qb who had never started a game in his career. that ended up being his only start in the season. you can tell that we we lacked experience, considering that at the end of the year in the holiday bowl we beat #5 oregon.

I knew you would say that but they still play in the MWC and you lost to them. Your school should play a PAC10 school and see how you do, oh wait you lost to Blame this lost on how young the team was..hahaha. The soonERS lost to UCLA hahahah.

oh yah haha we beat oregon who is in the pac10. lol. the MWC is the best mid major conference. 2 years ago with utah, this year with tcu. no other mid major compares.