USA Broadcasts on CBS

I watched on CFL+ but didn’t need an HDMI cable.
If you have a Firestick you can go to AmazonSilk their web browser and just type in CFL+, the game cam in crystal clear on my 65" TV
The other options for watching from your laptop,Ipad,Chrome etc is to CAST you do not need an HDMI cable

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Thanks but did that later in the season. The playoffs should have been on regular TV to record if possible. Bad deal on that front with CBS

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November 19, 2023 - CFL - 110th Grey Cup - Montreal Alouettes vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (


All recordings of games have been on YouTube, so that excuse does not work.

Get back to us when you get that damn TV fixed.

YouTube is days later dude . I’m talking about live broadcasts. Enough already .

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Alright then enjoy your DVR with cable behind that wall and complaining about ESPN, a company that is going down the toilet anyway and will continue to have less live major league sports not more. It sucks, but it’s your call.

None of that is a CFL issue or an issue for any other league. It’s all YOU.

Of course all of this was known months ago, but you did nothing to fix your damn awful TV set-up.

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You’re a rude person. Just making a point . I was a long time season ticket holder in Van.ESPN is not going down the tubes .My big TV is fine as I watch the Niners .I just said CBS should show playoffs not streaming. Relax

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It’s not the CFL’s fault. You are quite rude for blaming the CFL or anybody else for YOUR problem and doing NOTHING about it.

And you obviously are not paying attention to the news on media and sports or fixing your damn TV.

You’ve been obnoxious since you posted here to blame the CFL for YOU installing a TV behind a wall. Now YOU go fix that or not.

Again, YOU take care of YOU. The rest of us are quite alright watching the CFL for free however we can do it as other improvements are made that do not involve your beloved ESPN either.

You can relax of course and take your own advice and put it somewhere dark too for that matter, but that’s not going to fix anything about YOU either there @DarrylM !

Here is more from over the weekend for especially those in the US who have not been paying attention to all the cord cutting happening in cable, which impacts especially ESPN, and which is going to continue.

Despite some of the prognostication on this site with no solid information to back it up that ESPN was going to stay around for the CFL, they were cut off finally in the spring.

THAT was the time to make changes for all your sports viewing, not only the CFL, and not during the CFL playoffs.

Get over it that the CFL is NOT going back to ESPN and has to find another TV solution beyond streaming.

If you have paid any attention to media news all year, many other leagues have been moving faster away from relying on ESPN as much now if at all.

And ESPN was NEVER in the CFL’s corner but for Chris Berman, so you can stop with that revisionism for a company that barely paid the CFL and real mind either.

We’ll see what CBS has for 2024 or anybody else besides awful ESPN, but whoever it is will be PAYING the CFL for the rights and not get a favour or token deal as did ESPN for filler they can throw around wherever or hide on those “premium” tier channels.

Also you can read any given news about layoffs at Disney since April instead of keeping your head in some cable hole like it is still 2005 and your TV set-up does not have to change.

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I will try to not be rude to you. I can’t speak for other U.S. viewers, but I live in an apartment building which was originally built for senior citizens who cannot afford going rental rates, even with a senior subsidy. We have only one cable TV package available to us, and that does NOT include CBSSN, as well as ESPNEWS. If CBSSN were given the playoff games those of us who depend on CFL+ would be denied access to them.

If the playoffs went to premium cable they would NOT be included in the streaming service. In other words, to make the playoff games available for you to record and watch at a more convenient time for you, we who depend on streaming would not get to see them live at all. I’m sorry, but I find it difficult to be very sympathetic with your issue.


When one examines the slate of sports on the over-the-air networks in the United States, I wonder if CBS will be back and perhaps for a TV and streaming package?

I don’t think it would take much to simply simulcast coverage to Paramount+ even if on CFL+, but I sure do hope they improve the ad window.


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