The USA beat Canada 43 to 7 in the world cup of american football....I dont think football will ever br global this is mainly a sport played in america....It will taked 50 years or longer for any other country to catch up

Indeed, and let's consider that it's anyone guess in our country just who is on that team with anything but mediocre players at best with everyone else in the NFL, CFL, UFL, arena, and various other highly unknown leagues.

I thought the game would be closer

And lets not forget that (again) this was a tournament for 4 down football..Not the original 3 down version that the Americans are afraid to play.

I watched the game and to be honest the usa just spreaded Canada out…You could o fused 3 downs and the results would have been the same…50 to 7 is a good thumping.I think this was the best football team them kids have ever faced.

That's probably true, but lets not forget that the Canadian juniors thumped the Americans at their own game three years in a row from 2005 (when Jerome Messam was the RB) to 2008, including a score of 10-0 in 2007, during the old NFL Global Junior Championship. In those years the Canadians fielded the best team those American boys had likely ever seen. And before you argue that they Americans didn't use their best players (why they wouldn't is an interesting comment in itself) the last team was made up of players mostly from the football hotbed of Florida. It also tied the U.S. for championship titles at four.

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Looks like it was a close game and then the Canadian team imploded in the last 2 minutes of the first half. USA scored 21 points in the last 2 minutes to blow out what was a 16-0 game.

The skilled positions hurt Canada the recievers couldnt get any space after the usa got ahead.....They forced Canada out the game plan early...I thought the Canadians would try to run the ball behind the offense of line they had with 2 former CFL players starting.The usa kids handle the offensive line real good and gave Faulds pressure all night long.I thought the score would have been closer but the USA saved the best game for last

We would have killed the Americans easily if it was 3 downs. :thup: :thup: :thup: :wink:

Earl no you wouldnt have

the Canadian Team was full of the rejected draft picks and free agents that couldnt crack the CFL rosters and will be heading back to university for one or two more years. Faulds hasnt played at a high high level for a few years. i know he was playing ball, but i dont recall where. this was not an accurate measure of talent from the Canadian standpoint. this to me is a non story.

Catching up on this , missed it before

From my coaching experience, it can come down to one player being dominant and that could be a D lineman or LB, This game is a good yardmarker for the Canadian football associating to gauge and improve upon.

AS pointed out no country had their best talent on the field. but it is good to see football grow around the globe!!

I agree but the USA will always be the best at this brandof football...This is the main sport we follow in the states

That's true ohio on the main sport, I follow The Texas Longhorns - but none the less Canada has done a good job also.