US TV schedule 2021

I think you've convinced me to use espn+

ThAnk you

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Games listed as being on ESPN2 or ESPNews can be viewed on their respective linear channels, on the WatchESPN website, or the ESPN app provided you subscribe to those channels. They are aired live and usually available for a little while as an on-demand replay.

Games listed as being on ESPN+ can be viewed on the WatchESPN website or ESPN app provided you subscribe to ESPN+. They are aired live and usually available for a little while as an on-demand replay.

A couple times a season, there will be a screwup and a replay for a particular game never appears.

Games listed do not change networks after a game airs.

For instance if there is a listing that says coming up is BC at Saskatchewan to be aired on ESPN2, the network listed does not change to ESPN+ once the game is over. It will still have ESPN2 as the network which means you need to be a subscriber to ESPN2 to see the replay.

The ratio of streaming only (ESPN+) to linear channel for CFL games in the US has been consistent at 2/3 streaming only to 1/3 linear channel.


And I forgot that the $19.99 doesn't include the tax, add on another $3
So it's $23 CDN or approx $18.65 US (todays rate) per month. And then the added expense of buying a VPN, which is around $5 US a month
sign up for ESPN+ at $5.99 a month and watch the same amount of games as Canadians.
It's cheaper for CFL fans in Canada that cut the cord to buy a VPN and subscribe to ESPN+ rather than subscribe to TSN's streaming service

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It's a pretty good service. It only irks me when it switches a game to ESPN or ESPN 2 and I then have to do the TV provider dance in order to get those channels. I would rather pay a little extra and get all of EPSN for one convenient monthly fee.

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Yes, I know. I used to have ESPN with my DirecTV and if you had ESPN you automatically got ESPN3 and you could stream all CFL games.
Now if you have ESPN2 you don't get the streaming service, that's extra and you have to subscribe to ESPN+
Now very few CFL games on ESPN2, but I have cut the cord and no longer get Directv. They have made it more difficult to watch the CFL in the US.
To see all CFL games you would not only need an ESPN+ streaming subscription
but also an ESPN2 subscription.
For fans in the US who have cut the cord the only choice is the subscription to ESPN+ and when they do put the few games on ESPN2 then you have to stream an "unofficial" site like Frontrow sports, but that's bad quality and unreliable


It's way better than it used to be, though. Years ago I actually installed a device called a Slingbox in my sister's place in Edmonton so I could watch their cable channels. That only worked part of the time. Frontrow sports is so bad I would rather just not watch at all. I'd really rather just give my money directly to the CFL for season subscription to every game, but I'll take 95% of games on ESPN if that's the best I can get. Unfortunately, the games I miss usually turn out to be really good games.

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Every damn year for no good reason, for some reason those ESPN people wait literally until like 2 days before the first game to release the TV schedule.

Note that of course nowadays ESPN will move games at the last second.

I hate in particular when it's on ESPN2 and they move it suddenly to ESPNEWS, but hey I just go find the pirate stream then.

So for those using the ESPN+ app, well ample reviews are in and with a few exceptions, they are generally negative.

Do a bit of research as I just did, and for example many trying to watch the Euro tournament or UFC have numerous complaints across the board.

One variable remains what device is used with the app, and of course the quality of your internet service is yet another consideration but it has nothing to do with ESPN.

I myself prefer to watch sports in one of the following old ways because I like the big screen for video no matter what anyway:

  1. Plain ol' digital cable (I pay little more for this than I do for the internet any more if I were to buy it alone - that and the remote functionality are the only reasons I have not yet cut the current cord) when the game is on ESPN2

  2. Stream via desktop computer monitor at work with the corporate very high speed connection

  3. Stream via my laptop on residential WiFi connection, but then HDMI cable from laptop to my HDTV not wireless - the latter prevents any further degradation when I find a good quality stream, which I can more often any more than in those early pirate days some of you remember from a decade ago when it was often the only way to catch CFL action

Until the second two can be done reliably and almost as easily as the first via a solid app AND to a big screen, which perhaps some of you more technically talented have figured out, that's going to be the way to do it for me whether I pay or not.

In the end, I don't think ESPN ever should have ditched ESPN3. It worked fine for those with a cable subscription and was better than the current app. The only catch sometimes was the annoying commercials.

Do you remember this commercial from the "TSN streaming" days?

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Probably my favourite and unlike for I do believe many Canadians because they saw it far more on other shows, it never got old for me! :sweat_smile:

Over the years I've shared it with many fellow Americans whenever cheesy '80s hits came up as a subject.

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I saw a news release last month that said up to 20 games would be on ESPN networks (I'm assuming ESPN2 or ESPNews) including 1 division final and the Grey Cup with all others on ESPN+


Oh wow I am sure hoping more of them on ESPN2, for it's not like jack- is going on already on ESPN this summer now that Euro 2020 is over and even during the knockout stage there is not much on ESPN now, unless you enjoy Formula One as do I but this season has been meh, and except for their recent laughable own-goal drama last weekend.

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Fairly certain there has been no announcement yet regarding the ESPN schedule. ESPN's has nothing in the upcoming section of Watch ESPN. I would think the first week of games should be listed soon (like sometime this week). But as for the whole CFL schedule aired where, that probably will not happen until the Monday of opening week which is August 2.

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The news release made no mention of what games were to be aired just that there would be up to 20 games on ESPN Networks with the rest on ESPN+

Week 1


BC at SSK - ESPNews

TOR at CGY - not listed, assume ESPN+


Starting on Aug. 13, the price of an ESPN Plus subscription will rise to $6.99 a month and $69.99 a year, up from $5.99 a month and $59.99 per year.

I bet you by February they raise it again in the thick of winter too. That's their plan.

Still a lot cheaper than streaming TSN in Canada

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Ok.. So I subscribed to Espn and espn+. Now... Does anyone know of a link that has the CFL game times and chanel?

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You will have to wait either August 4/5 for the press release giving you the
rough outline of the ESPN linear channel schedule.ESPN uses the CFL to fill gaps
in their broadcast lineup. This occurs literally 2/3 weeks in advance.You will have
to pay attention for changes.

ESPN+ []
this lists the games scheduled for week 1. This is subject to change at any time.

Being a CFL fan is hard work but worth it.