US TV schedule 2021

Does anyone where I can find the USA TV schedule for the 2021 season?

Check ESPN+, I believe they are streaming all games


That used to be the case anyway. Who knows for sure now.

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ESPN's website does not list any August events yet. I am fairly confident in saying the first game of the year will only be on a linear ESPN channel; most likely ESPN2. I am predicting in week 1, the split will be 3 linear and 1 ESPN+ .


I guess I will judy have to wait a few more weeks for something solid to be announced.

ESPN+ is their "streaming" network. ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN news, are not streaming channels they are cable/satellite. The CFL has never had games on ESPN only ESPN2 & ESPN news.
CFL games were available to stream for all ESPN subscribers on ESPN3, but that ended and now most games are streamed on ESPN+ .
ESPN+ is not available to ESPN subscribers, you have to subscribe to it as extra. $5.99 a month.
Their schedule only shows sports up to the end of July

The CFL did have games on ESPN in the early 1980s :smile:

They do not make it very easy do they? Lol. Thank you very much for such a good answer. I suspect that the games will be split between espn2 and ESPN+. I will just have to keep my eye out.

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For years and well beyond this forum, many in fact with myself way back to 2007 or so, have argued that ESPN would do great if they simply had less talk and more actual game action even if it were game replays. Did they listen? Nooooope ...

They did not even get a clue in 2010 when people had cut the cord, out of either economic necessity or because they were tired of their shtick and just went to get the games via the pirate seas CFL or otherwise, and make changes.

The rest is history and now ESPN is an afterthought unless perhaps you are NBA fan or like every four years with niche programming in the US like Euro 2020 or with Formula One, both of which have always been my thing.

If only TSN would allow us Texans to subscribe to their service!

Are there any other options to watch CFL out there? If you were fortunate enough to live in the Great State of Texas (joke) how would you watch the games?

I was never a person to follow sports until the XFL came along. Since the XFL folded due to covid I found the CFL. Then I got hooked. I cut the cord about 10 years ago so I would like to get things set up to watch the games before the season starts.


As mentioned above, others in the US, and a few on this site, subscribe to ESPN+, $5.99 a month.
They usually stream ALL CFL games and the games are the TSN simulcast.
Not sure what they are doing this year
If you really want to watch TSN then buy a VPN subscription which only costs around $50 for the year and subscribe to TSN.
But why do that when it's cheaper to subscribe to ESPN+

Last night my son taught me how to set up a vpn and now I am subscribed to TSN.

Thank you for your help!

I am looking forward to the season starting. I am just now waiting for the travel restrictions to ease up and then we can plan to fly up there and see a live games or 3.


How much is the TSN subscription? I have a VPN.

TSN Direct is available for purchase by all Canadians at TSN .ca/Subscribe. Signing up is easy, with monthly subscriptions of $19.99 per month or a 6-month pre-paid plan of $99.95 (6 months for the price of 5!). Your subscription will auto renew, or you can cancel at any time.


Thanks for the response.

I'll pass. ESPN+ is way cheaper.


Please note that those are listed in Canadian dollars. Also.. This is Canada's leauge so I would like my dollars to go to Canada.

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I am aware; however, it's still pricey.

Yes $19.99 CDN is just over $16 US - but you can subscribe to ESPN+ and get the same games and watch the TSN simulcast for $4.99

I looked at the past few years and the games were split up between espn2 and espn+. If the past is any indication of the present, to watch all games you would have to get both services.

It might be best to wait until the final ESPN schedule comes out. Then we can see if all the games are on espn+.

I am planning on watching all the Rider games. If for some reason I miss a live game, do you know if the games are available on demand on any of the services?


It is on ESPN+.