US TV: Monday Doubleheader

Altitude will be the only RSN to air the doubleheader live.

NESN will air the first game between Hamilton vs Montreal.

The RSNs don't want to go through the fiasco of last season and pick up the second game between Saskatchewan vs Calgary (when the RSNs went live with only the second game last season, they were met with the last few minutes of the first game, which confused some viewers).

Yet Altitude didn't show Saturday's 3 pm game which they were scheduled too.


Comcast :frowning:

No games. It's gonna cost me a day off work plus $20 to stream both games.

Where do you go for the tv listings?

I use

No holiday down there?

Columbus day is a holiday in some places, but it's entirely optional in California. Our company doesn't celebrate Spanish colonialism.

So are you from Canada and just live there now or just follow the CFL?

I'm from Canada and live in the States now.

Columbus Day (observed): it depends...

Nationwide: federal, state and municipal employees; postal service; financial institutions.

States: it varies. Employees in states with strong unions have the day off. Schools may be closed. Most private enterprises work today; for some, it's a light work day.

Myself: I'm unemployed at the moment. :expressionless:

For a moment, the signal was lost due to “technical difficulties.” During the down time, we got to watch strongman competition. :roll: