US TV in '07?

Anyone know how the CFL will be televised in the US this season?

same as 2006?

I live right by the US Border and the Northern states pick up the Canadian channels.

What happens next season once TSN has exclusive rights? Will a local tv station or cable system pick up the games? How about your regional sports net? This question has me wondering about the US/CDN border areas, such as Detroit, who have been accustomed to receiving CFL games on CBC.

Down here in my area, the only option is the sports pack via DBS (DISH Network, DirecTV).

I think every province offers different packages.
The TSN issue crossed my mind too, but I think at least in my area that they can pick up TSN accross the border.

TSN is only available in Canada on cable and satellite.

TSN also contracts out to other stations.

The only thing that I can do is cross the border (since I live right beside it) and ask the Americans.
They are only 5 minutes away from me.
That is my next mission.

I got CFL games on the Fox Sports Channels with the Directv sports package.

This is last years coverage, I would imagine it would be similar this year. This generally does not get announced until near the start of the season.

Trajectory Sports owns the U.S. TV rights for the CFL again in 2007. They haven't posted any coverage schedules yet.

Most likely, the games will wind up on a collection of regional sports networks, with a few scattered over-the-air stations mixed in. Altitude, a regional sports network based in Colorado, has been the most reliable location for live CFL games in the U.S.

In 2006, I was disappointed with Trajectory Sports' decision to give exclusive rights to the Friday night games to Voom Worldsport HD, a channel that hardly anyone receives. I could understand Trajectory Sports signing away the HD rights, but it was very fan-unfriendly not to make the standard-definition telecasts available to their other outlets.

As a Blue Bomber fan with DirecTV in the U.S., it meant that seven of their 2006 games were blacked out, which really stunk.

Hopefully, Trajectory Sports will show more sense this year. There's also a rumor that DirecTV is interested in buying Voom's channels in order to meet their "150 HD channels in 2007" promise. That would solve the problem, at least from my perspective.

I was reading a Hunter S. Thompson Book i think it was either "Kingdom of Fear" or one of the "Gonzo Papers Vol.'s"

Anyways he was remembering a time, in Aspen, watching a CFL Game on tv during the 1980s.

How is this relevant you ask?
. . .
I guess it isnt, but overall it is a good post. I wouldnt change a thing.

TSN will broadcast the games online so you can get them there next year. You will, however, need to use a canadian proxy server

One thing is for sure, America One will broadcast the CFL in 2007.

Let's not forget Comcast SportsNet West out of Sacramento, California. Their post-game coverage of the Grey Cup was more extensive.

Looks like AmericaOne is broadcasting all the games except the Friday night football HDTV broadcasts.

I heard that the league also blacked-out their internet webcast to the U.S. on Friday nights.

That really stinks!!!

I'm a Blue Bomber fan, and according to AmericaOne's website, SEVEN of Winnipeg's games will be blacked out in the U.S.

In 2006, the Bombers were blacked out in the U.S. more than any other team, because a lot of Winnipeg home games are scheduled for Friday nights.

It looks like the same garbage this year.

As with any good Hunter S. Thompson story, relevance really isn't the point....
I think I vaguely remember that story as well.
A toast to Fear & Loathing in the CFL.

I watched the CFL on Comcast Sportsnet West last year, but their schedule was somewhat unreliable. Some weekends we got no games at all, or some scheduled games weren't shown.

The streaming thing was a source of frustration for me 'cause it's Windows only.

Go Esks.

You are correct; however, CSN West had the better Grey Cup coverage because they didn't have that sports ticker pop up like Altitude did and their post-game coverage was more extensive. NESN's coverage of the Thanksgiving Day doubleheader was the best because they were the only RSN who aired both games back-to-back; most aired either the first or second.

I have Directv and i catch the games on Altitude, and Comcast sports Chicago. I was just wondering, why cant the u.s receive the cbc and canadian channels?

Do we know if Comcast SportsNet West is broadcasting games again this year? Any CFL fans in the SF Bay Area?