US Teams

I persoanlly miss the US based teams Baltimore and sacremento the most.

Mistakes were made, Birminham, Memphis, shreveport and Las Vegas.

Birminham and Memphis are college towns and the stadium at Memphis was a complete Joke. Shreverport was owned by the Gliebermans so enough said about that one, and Vegas was a mistake from the beginning.

But if they were to expand back the the States, I think the border states would be the best bet, where they know about CFL football.

I know Baltimore had great fan support and I have a good friend from the Baltimore are who had season tickets and is still a big fan of the CFL.

I would like to see expansion first to Quebec or Halifax but The I would like to see a couple of US teams. Anyone else have an opinion about going back to the states?

Check a later post as this was bantered around a bit. Here's my feeling from that post:

Iwould much prefer Canadian expansion. Portland and Windsor looks attractive, but one thing bothers me. US labour laws. The Americans wouldn't have to keep the Canadian content. Over time I think that would put the Canadian teams at a disadvanrage. I know it wasn't an issue in the 90's when we had US expansion, but I think if a team remained in a US city, with stable coaches, we could possibly see different results.

Lets keep it in Canada.... Our little secret!

I have had previous posts on this issue in favour of American team near the border and I mentioned Portland, upper NY (Syracuse) etc who don't have an NFL team. However, I went on mapblast today and scanned the big cities. I found out that all northern cities either have an NFL team or is in close proximity to an NFL team. I don't think there is a place that is without a huge local NFL following that would have any interest in a CFL team when all their interests lie in their NFL team that is close by. The only exception is Montana but there is no city reaching 100,000 people in Montana according to a 2000 census. Therefore, through this research, I conclude that CFL should NEVER have a US team again. Let's face it, it's not gonna work unless Baltimore loses their NFL team again.

The big difference between now and then is that we needed that expansion because our game was in such a sorry state. The league doesn't need expansion now. It needs to deal with player salaries. After this off season, it's clear the salary cap is a joke. (but that's a different thread). there is no where to expand in Canada. BC can barely keep fans in Vancouver much less Victoria. Alberta is done. Saskatchewan, god help the moron that tries to compete against the 'Riders. Manitoba is done. Ontario does not have the rep. of being "Rabid Fans". The Maritimes could only handle one team. Newfoundland...I don't know?. Quebec, if any, should get the tenth team, but not until LOTS of other things get running smoothly (our commish, the 'Gades, salary caps)

Yeast #5, you are a smart man, unless your female and then I will apologize. A ten team CFL would be perfect - Halifax hopefully. THere is not enough interest in CFL in newfoundland but if a team was in Halifax, I would be able to get to a few games.

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Honolulu, San Juan, and Guam plz.

If you're going to go to the US, go all the way!

Can you say…“road trip”? 8)

I don't remember reading too many "US expansion" threads. Just countless "where should we go in Canada?", threads. Enough about canadian expansion. Until someone forks over the dough for some ball parks, it's simply a dream.

US expansion I believe, is a valid argument. Portland, Columbus, Syracuse...all have ball parks already.

I'm not sure if expansion to the US in the next 5 years to one or two selected markets would be good for the league but it is something that should, at the very least, be looked at since most businesses look to forecasting in their business models.

Also, with all this talk of the commisioner and community owned vs. private ownership, expansion, salary-cap etc., I am wondering if the CFL is headed towards a model like that of the Major League Soccer in the US. Below is an excerpt from

"‘MLS features a unique ownership and operating structure. Unlike other professional sports leagues, which are a confederation of individual franchise owners, MLS is structured as a single limited liability company (single-entity). In a single-entity endeavor, each team operator owns a financial stake in the league, not just his or her individual team. In addition, player contracts are owned by the league rather than by individual teams. The single-entity concept allows teams to operate autonomously in their markets, but with the incentive to see that all teams are financially successful. MLS believes this single-entity structure enables it to avoid many of the pitfalls that have plagued other professional sports leagues. The single-entity design provides MLS and its member teams with the ability to limit the financial disparities between large and small markets, offer commercial affiliates an integrated sponsorship and licensing program, decrease the opportunity for sponsor ambush, gain economies of scale in purchasing power and cost control, and make decisions in the best interest of the entire league rather than just one team’

I don't know if this would be good, bad, wise, unwise or otherwise but maybe something to think about, at any rate.

Doesn’t NFL Europe do that as well?