US Open Cup - Messi/Miami

Did anyone else watch the Cincinnati vs Miami US Open Cup Semifinal game? It was a pretty entertaining match. I don’t know what Apple and MLS paid Messi but I think they knew what they were doing when they gave that guy that bag of cash.

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I like soccer but I’m not sure about Messi the MLS. Isn’t it like Tom Brady coming to the CFL What would that prove ?

Doesn’t prove anything - we all know that there are about 15 leagues worldwide that are better than the MLS. Not even close enough for a debate, That said I just watched a soccer game and it was a fun watch with Messi and a last place roster.

Messi dropped a pass in for a game tying goal with about 2 minutes left in the game. Then the game went to extra time - each team scored - then Miami won on PKs. It was a good fun watch - was it the champions league or the EPL? Not even close - but it was a fun watch.

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