Us of little faith re: Tillman

Sure, it has only been 4 games, but Tillman is silencing his detractors by finding quality players to fill the positions opened due to injuries!!

Would agree everywhere but the line, yet to fill Fred's shoes.

Someone will fill the role just fine!!!

From the production Perry has shown this year I think Kitwana Jones has filled that position just fine. It’s not showing on the sack tally but Jones is getting pressure and making good plays.

Don’t get me wrong I like Perry and wish him well but where the hell has he been all season.

Wonder who will now do it in Edmonton? That was an ugly injury! Hope he comes back this season!

I hope he comes back Oct 26th, being we play Edm for the last time Oct 25th. Too bad for Perry, he is a destroyer. We're going to miss him!

He isn't any more. I don't know why people can't figure this out. He tailed off majorly at the end of last year.

Why is it that people have to hate on people after they are gone. He gave us a lot of his time and eforet, and played amazing for us. The stuff he did in the playoffs, and you say he "tailed off majorly[sic]".

He did tail off. He had 70 tackles in 18 games which is an average of roughly 4 tackles per game and had 6 tackles in the playoffs which is only 2 tackles per game.

I’ve watched the games last season over the offseason and it becomes quite apparent that he started strong, but didn’t finish strong.

Two tackles a game over a season, would have been 36 tackles which is still more tackles than almost every other DE in the league. Tom Canada for example had 28....
It's like Billy says---as soon as a Rider player leaves, everyone is all, "oh well, he was too old" or "gee, was he ever any good in the first place?"
lots of people said that about omar last year--"too old, best days behind him". Now lo and behold, we bring him back, he beats out the encumbant, and it's "Always knew Omarr was real good"
Massive inferiority complexes....

No, you obviously haven't watched the way Perry plays. He tries to get pressure and if he can't get any instantly, he backs off and drops into coverage. No perseverance. I was disappointed when we let Omarr go, and wasn't pleased. I thought he was great. He played bad in Edmonton but is back playing great here. I also wasn't pleased when we traded Joseph. He was inconsistent but he also was occasionally a gamebreaker.

The other thing about Rider fans you fail to mention is that they way overrate their players. I have fallen victim to this as well.

It's the old Saskatchewan mentality. I've mentioned it on here before, and again, it's friggin emabarrasing being a what have you done for me lately province. It's why I'm glad there isn't a real hate on for Kerry, but I know people who were laughing as he started out struggling. It was really pissing me off, yes he didn't have the greatest games in the end of the season, but he was awared MOP for a reason. he was the heart and soul and inspiring to watch fighting and scraping every single inch. Burris was a different situation, he didn't give a hoot about Sk, he was all about Henry, so we love to hate him.

Perry IS a threat, and if comes back full strength, people need to readjust to account for him. Teams adjusted for Perry, same as Lumsden, etc, etc.

So once it is pointed out that two tackles a game is still a fantastic pace for a DE, now it is a case of because Perry does his job--dropping into coverage when required--he has no perserverence? Infriggincredible!
Fred did tail off last year. He went from being a monster to just being great. From spectacular to merely outstanding.
But some Rider fans do overrate the players. I try not to be one of those.

See I think KJ should get a standing O when he takes the field on Sunday. But I know plenty of people who intend to boo him. Of course these are the same fans who booed RonLancaster in the last game he ever played at Taylor Field, so I am almost numb to the stupidity.

It is interesting the number of people who suddenly dislike former riders and then make up excuses.

First lets look at Fred Perry Stats

Team	TKL	STT	Sacks	Ints

2008 EDM 8 0 0 0
2007 SSK 70 0 8 0
2006 SSK 47 0 14 1
2005 SSK 42 10 11 0
2003 OTT 23 11 7 0
2001 EDM 30 8 5 0
2000 TOR 40 8 4 0
1999 TOR 30 9 7 0

So what changed in 2007 he significantly increased his tackle total, but his sacks decreased. Why because of changes in how they were using him. Give me a break that he dropped off. He had a monster year despite being double teamed.

Now onto the KJ comments, here is a guy that was promised by Eric they would try to redo his contract but if that didn't work they would help find him another team. That is exactly what happened. From my understanding it was relatively mutual. Eric didn't want to pay what Joseph was asking (which was fair btw) so they agreed to a trade. If you are upset at that then you have bigger problems.

Now onto the last comment. Ariusreturns, while I agree with you generally about players. The comment about Ron Lancaster is true. While I think he is great quarterback and a good coach, I honest believe his reason for coming back for that last season was ego and nothing more. He knew he should have hung up the cleats the year before. I am sorry he got boo'd but he should never have come back.

This is the general misconception. He wasn't double teamed because he dropped into coverage so often, he wouldn't pressure the QB as much. Note: IT WASN'T HIS JOB TO DROP INTO COVERAGE THAT MUCH. And Perry obviously isn't a force anymore. He has looked invisible in all of his games except one.

One of the great things about Fred Perry was that if he couldn't get pressure he would drop back and make the tackle in the back field. That was one of the things that made him great. I was sad to see him go but I trust Tillmans decision.

And KJ what a great player and a great person. Totally agree Mikejth he didn't leave on bad terms. I hope he gets a standing O when he comes to town and then we will bring the noise when the game starts.

Well we have Miller talking about Crandell and showing players loyalty. We chose to show KJ the door, rather than loyalty. And it was far from mutual regarding the trade. ET never even made KJ an offer. Status quo or say good by. KJ did not want a trade, he didn’t ask for a trade, he was unhappy with the trade.

As for Lancaster, how old are you Mike? I was there. It was, without a doubt, the single lowest point, the most embarassing moment ever to have been a Rider fan when he was booed.
Your reasons are pure crap. Ronny played good football in 1977–the team was 8-8 and normally that gets you a play-off spot. Lancaster may actually personally have played better than he did in his MVP year. To talk about coming back because of ego is just throwing dirt on his legacy. Then when things were not going well in 1978, that massive ego you refer to saw him accept the role of back-up. That’s right, ego bound Lancaster accepted a position as a role player!! And, so in the 4th quarter of a close game in whick Larry Dyck had done nothing, they put Lancaster in. And it was his last game ever at Taylor Field and he was soundly booed. It was disgusting.
The following week in Edmonton, in a nearly identical situation, the Eskimo fans gave him a standing ovation. And Ron then led the team to a 4th quarter comeback victory.
So I’ll cheer KJ when he comes on the field. I however expect more boos than cheers and that will be too bad!!

I agree with Arius, KJ should only get cheers when he steps onto the field.

I fully expect the front row eastsiders (many of whom I know) to give KJ a tough time during the game. But when he first walks on the field, I'll be standing and cheering!! And I'll never boo him. I'll be as loud and as boisterous as I can be, but no booing!!
Actually, I rarely boo anyone. Hank of course. Jimenez. That's about it...