US: Ivy League sports canceled through the end of the year

"Consistent with campus health & safety policies across the League, The Ivy League Presidents outline phased-in approach to intercollegiate athletics activity, including no competition prior to the end of the fall semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic."


I'll just say it now given the matter of tort liability in the US let alone the voice of mama or grandma that is being overlooked in almost all the sports discussion about college sports in the US. All major top division college sports will be cancelled this autumn.

Expect you are right ... but easier for a conference that likely has comparatively minimal TV money coming in

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That Waiver Objection

I might as well cover this one too based on some free yet valuable advice I got once from an attorney in Florida of several decades of experience.

Folks will bring up the matter of having fans and students and their parents and so forth sign off on a waiver of liability. Well, as is for example the matter of a ticket for attendance for sake of common risks such as getting clobbered in the face by a foul ball, waivers can lower the merits of litigation or discourage litigation. And there are documents signed by the athletes and/or the parents or guardians in which they acknowledge the inherent risks associated with participation in any given college sport.

However, waivers are not the purported absolution of liability akin to the common attempt with a sign, such as in a very dark and poorly maintained parking garage, on which it is written that the management of the garage is not responsible for any damage to all vehicles. :roll_eyes: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

As the attorney told me, "A husband for example might sign the waiver, but his widow or his orphan did not do so."

So beware the common claims that mass acceptance of some waiver would facilitate progress on this matter of college athletics akin to a magic wand; furthermore, certain rights cannot be waived such that a waiver can be on the face or be deemed invalid.