US: FOX Sports have acquired the US media rights to the Saudi Pro League

"FOX Sports have acquired the US media rights to the Saudi Pro League, a source close to the matter revealed to World Soccer Talk.

As part of the agreement, FOX’s rights agreement begins with the 2023/24 season opener on Friday, August 11. While no coverage plans have been revealed as of press time, the season runs through the end of May, 2024. Importantly, the rights deal includes both English- and Spanish-language broadcasts."


Now this is huge. Now the question is if Fox will put the games on Fox or tuck them away on FS1.

If on Fox, NBC has much to worry about given how they are stuffing way too many games onto that Peacock crap.

If on FS1, meh this is not as big a deal.


Let’s note also after the World Cup in Qatar last December that was covered (moderately poorly) by Fox in the US, there is the following timing with the Saudis for December 2023 that is not well-publicized and not accidental of course.

We’ll see where Fox schedules the games with Cristiano Ronaldo or Karim Benzema for example.

I’m going to bet if on a Saturday morning it will be on Fox before any NCAA football, but otherwise how many games will be on lowly FS1?

Remember when Fox bought the rights and covered the Bundesliga for a few seasons in the prior decade?

On FS1 and even more on awful FS2, which basically had become an awful UFC Informercial Channel with all talk but very few fights, the Bundesliga on all Fox platforms was an absolutely AWFUL failure.

In that regard, maybe this is at best a strategic move by Fox to cozy up to the Saudis given their increased clout en route to Saudi Vision 2030 and in the run-up to the 2023 Club World Cup in Saudi Arabia in December?

Who amongst average fans knew about that tournament coming up in only a few months!? More details are via the post below.

Personally I do hope Fox puts these games on Fox proper, for that will send a message to those scumbags at Comcast and NBC to measure up even more than they have had to after CBS and Paramount+ have shown up NBC’s dated and sub-par library and academic lounge studio coverage and especially that crappy Peacock.

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Neymar - Another Game Changer

He’s also a player who is not past his prime who could play ANYWHERE in Europe or the UK now.

When Messi in Miami draws like he does now, the youth are watching the stars whether or not past their prime.

Also in the article FS2, which I am surprised still exists, is mentioned.

Maybe that’s where Fox will show the mundane action for the league rather than the stars, for otherwise I think games on FS2 will be a giant nothing-burger for Fox.

Fox could just as easily, and definitely get more of an audience too, to have these games on free Tubi rather than on lowly and crappy FS2.

Tubi for sports does not look at all like it is happening at Fox though, for they don’t put live sports on Tubi as far as I know.

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Are Fox in the same habit as ESPN of labelling the sport “futbol” as though they genuinely think only Latinos in the U.S. watch it?

It depends on if they are referencing Spanish-language broadcasts on that front, for that’s correct in Spanish, but otherwise no it’s still soccer.

Usually football is only stated on American TV in English when it is a British production, such as via CBS Sports from their studio London when they cover Champions League, or when they are interviewing a British guest.

I use both terms depending on whom I am addressing.

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I wonder how this affects the USFL. Fox is also airing some European Soccer tournaments late Spring/early Summer 2024 and we know those won’t be getting bumped to FS1/2


Meanwhile in Canada, DAZN is showing 3 matches/week from Roshn Saudi League (RSL). Roshn is a league sponsor - real estate developer.

DAZN will be showing it also in Germany, Austria, Belgium & UK. Deal is reported to be US$500k/yr for 2 years. DAZN showed LIV Golf last year in Canada and other countries. So, connections were already forged with the Saudis.

In total, 26 tv/streaming services have signed deals to show RSL in over 130 countries.

IMG will be producing the world feed.

For Fox to carry RSL, it is a outside of their stated strategy to focus on national team football rather than club football. They have rights to World Cups, Copa America, Euros, UEFA Nations League, Gold Cup & Concacaf Nations League. But given they took money from Qatar to fund their World Cup production, then it is in line with what Fox does.

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