US fan here? Should there be a Delta variant concern in Canada?

Wondering if it will disrupt CFL operations

I think we will see a surge in cases for unvaccinated people. I do not think it will or should interfere with CFL Ops.


The delta variant is 1000 times more transmissable than the original Covid.
Those that are not vaccinated, WILL GET COVID!!!


Those that are vaxed can carry the variant and not have severe symptoms,
All people should wear a mask in confined populated areas as to not spread the virus to others!

Delta dawn what's that flower you have on .

Could it be a faded rose from days gone by .

We are as a nation 64 percent fully vaccinated and growing .

We are taking it head on with the vaccine buy in and it shows with our medical infrastructure cases continually dropping even though cases may blip upward a bit .That leap of faith in big Pharma must be a major factor .

In Ontario we are down to 79 on a ventilator with covid related province wide .

With 70 percent and growing fully vaccinated in Ontario and the delta Variant been in Ontario for awhile now it shows we have hopefully thrown off the virus 's chains of it's social/economic binds and have a huge head start to any new variant that wants to step up to the plate .

I like to think positive on our future .


By this point these threads should die

Yes Delta is spreading
Yes vaccine is not as effective as predicted
Yes some people will never get vaccinated

It's all been said before
Move along, no loitering people


And the main disadvantage to non-vaccination is it is far more likely you will get passed the virus fron Non - vaxed and vaxed people and could very possibly die

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