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I came across this article today that talks about the CFL expanding into the States, it's nothing official just a reporter giving his two cents.

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The guy talks about 15 different cities but seems to dismiss them after he talks about them. It makes a couple good points but would have to be a whole lot more convincing before anything like that would be considered.

It could be something to explore in about 10 years after a couple of CBA and TV contracts have come and gone. If the league keeps expanding in Canada and if ESPN ratings in the US, continue to increase, more Americans are watching and being exposed to the game, having a separate US only division that would play only in the States might work.
Each team could have a couple of inter-league games, as they do in baseball. Canadian teams would solely vie for the Grey Cup and they could create another trophy for the US vs. Can. game.

I don't think it has much merit but it is something to talk about.

That ship has sailed..... and sunk!

It is highly unlikely, IMHO. The Maritimes would be the logical expansion target, with Quebec City as a fallback.

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sorry but Windsor Detroit is out of Question The Sliver dome is dead.
Most of what could be sold was sold at Auction
I have Seat from Sliver dome … in a Storage locker .

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Wasn't this article written over a year ago? My thought is that it was out of touch then and is sadly out of date now.

god nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

Maybe we could get Senator Larry back for a second run as Commish, too.

I can't help thinking of the NHL expansion into the US. Dictators like Gary Bettman have made it their game and what used to be a good league, no longer interests me. I stopped watching the NHL several years ago with the exception of some occasional
partial games in the finals. (Never more than a period) And I'm a guy that played and loved the game and had season tickets in Hamilton for the junior Red Wings and Fincups. These days, people attend fights and sometimes a hockey game breaks out.

Ban the US from our uniquely Canadian game! :thdn:

Please No, not another Larry Smith Trial expansion to the USA for the CFL, Keep it in Canada, expand within the Canadian borders and keep the CFL, Canadian, We do need a 12 team league though expand within Canada and coast to coast.

I didn't mind the US teams while they were here and I still see Stallions fans from time to time at CFL games and events.

Instead of throwing all of the franchises into the market at the same time, a slow process of introduction could work. Some of the places named are a possibility. Slow steady introduction with solid community based owners (See Ottawa) and things may work out. Also, staying close to Canada would probably be necessary.

no no no no no no no no no NO NO NO NO NO NO!

Expand slowly and then watch the expansion pick up speed as the American teams show good progress.

Absolutely not!!

they did expansion in the 1995 and I remember Baltimore being the best team that year, it wasn't a failure, but I think CFL is meant for Canadian cities and I'm sure there are many Canadian cities that would love a team, like Halifax etc. try Canadian teams first, then expand. Expansion for football isn't really good because there aren't enough games played per year to play more than 1 or two times, that's why the NFL is crazy that many teams go years before playing each other, if you have an easy schedule it's easy to make the playoffs and win the Super Bowl, fewer teams is better.

Except for the fact you would have to build a domed stadium because of the Summer heat, a CFL team in Orlando, FL would draw very well with all the tourists and the Canadians that are here for months. Also the fact that the NFL teams are 100 to 200 miles from central FL. ESPN and FOX Sports 1 would love to televise Canadian Professional Football games from FL.

Isn't that the same thinking that put NHL teams in Miami and Phoenix? :frowning:

US expansion is a terrible idea. With all the annual attempts to create an alternative 4-down league, I'm not sure why people would think a 3-down league would fare any better. I'm frankly surprised the US teams that existed even did as well as they did.

The earlier US expansion came out of desperation. The league was on the verge of folding and we went out and found some suckers willing to give us millions in expansion fees. We basically dumped our debts on some delusional Americans desperate to play ball. I seriously wonder if Larry Smith expected any of these teams to survive in the end. Anyway, as embarrassing as it was, as far as saving the league goes, it was actually quite a success.

Why not an American division? franchises could go for 10X what they did in the 1990,s.

accept I agree location location location

The CFL could fall into line with the recent news of the Tim Horton's and Burger King merger in North America, hopefully not, I like the idea of expanding in Canada before we try another US run again? Maybe like Tim Horton's deal though their might be more American investors interested in owning and starting new teams in Canada and create a true coast to coast league.

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