US Expansion ??????????

I am a big fan of the Canadian game & I think it's high time that the CFL re-consider expanding the CFL by 2 teams preferably in the US of A. Here are my reasons;

a) 8 teams is not currently quite enough to generate a sufficiently broad level of interest . 2 teams are struggling so badly that it leaves only 6 teams that are competing at a level sufficient to maintain natinal interest. If these 2 teams don't pick up their socks & invest more in talent, they will risk bankrupcty...or at the very least, marginalization . Hamilton is expecially vulnerable ...and let's not forget Ottawa.
b) By having at least 2 US expansion teams (preferably border cities ) we are giving the American market another chance to reconsider our unique game & rules which are especially attractive during the months that the NFL is not even playing.
c) Having a few US teams ( The current Alouettes are the former Balimore Stallions )it provides fertile ground to generate more interest in our game, attract more talent,& potential for CFL TV licensing in the US.

Expansionman…I know you are new, so I’ll be gentle. US Expansion wont work until the USA changes its labour laws. If you use the search command and type in US expansion, you’ll see all the arguments why it wont work.

Good luck!

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All, I can say is . . . Damn well better not.

If we are getting two more teams, they had better be in Canadian markets, especially the ones who want them. So lets go to two of the three of the following: Halifax, Ottawa, Quebec City.

I do not want to see another American team!

we cannot handle two more teams in canada for a number of yrs yet.

First we all need to start making tons of homegrown babies.

Second, we need to make new immagrants sign pledge of allegience to the CFL.

Then, maybe in 5-10 yrs, we can handle 2 more teams.

Ya know what I cant handle?
Expansion threads! :lol:

then whatever you do, dont put on anymore weight.

Which, of course, means you need to post in it.

You forgot, we need to find millionairs with deep pockets as owners, and Stadiums, don’t forget Stadiums!

Okay, well I’ll start working on that “making babies” part tonight then.

Wish me luck. :thup:

good luck and dont forget the little blue pills.

No not those ones. The other ones.