US Expansion!

So, there are always posts on here on how the CFL needs to expand and/or offer their players more money. I love the CFL right now. I think it would be even better if there were teams, in Ottawa, Quebec City, Halifax, Victoria, London, Moncton. And say, best case serino is that they actually land teams in all those citys. You then have a league of 14 teams. Which is really cool. But here is where it starts to come apart. This league has some difficulty selling seats in some of the places as is(in compairson to NFL; which are almost always sell-outs). So Canadian fans are good; but not great supporters of the game. Is it time they re-consider going south again? Stadiums are already there. In some cases there are already fans there? They could double this league in 5 years which would be huge for over all profit, player retention, and hype. I love the riders, but slightly getting sick of seeing them play the same teams every other week. And the CFL made some mistakes with this in the past, but they can make the necessary changes. Like reduce the number of non-imports required on a team, as the league expands. So you would still have x-amount of canadian players in league still, but marginally less. Canada and only pump out so many quality players.
Thats my rant, and I'm sticking to it.

"NO U.S. EXPANSION PLEASE" Lets keep it in Canada! Ottawa first then hopefully a maritime team in the near future.

maybe 1 team in detroit and 1 in portland.

thats it.

NEVER…lets keep NFL american and CFL canadian.


CFL has it's strongest support in the West. While I agree with Quebec City, Ottawa and Halifax, I think Saskatoon could also support a CFL team if they had the stadium. Sure the corprate support within Saskatchewan would then have to be divided between 2 teams then and Regina's team would likey see their season-ticket base erode but if they had 1-2 home games/year against Saskatoon's team, Mosaic stadium would be sold out on those games for sure, hopefully offsetting the erision is season-ticket base.

NO more US expantion
NO more posts on US expantion
NO more posts on expantion......Please


I said yes, but only to Detroit.

Again add my name to the list of no to US expansion because of the import rule.

Oh hell no! No US expansion ever!!!!!!!!

2 teams in the East should be the priority.

Obviously 1 in Ottawa, which should happen in 2008.

And, the other in Quebec City, since they already have a small stadium.

I say "NO" to expansion to the states! Expansion last time was big disaster (Las Vegas Posse couldn't even finish the season in their own stadium!) Let's get Ottawa in order first & then concentrate on possible expansion to eastern Canada


(translation: where is the "heck no" opinion)

If you have no opinion, why respond??

OMG, jm02! I'm taking about a heck no opinion for the poll? where is it? becase that poll should have one.

bottomline: It's a J O K E!!!

US expansion failed miseralby the 1st time around , so why would you do it again? Yes, I would love to have 20 teams in the CFL , but that is just not possible within Canada. Cities that could support teams have already been mentioned, but this is going to be a slow process to expand even within Canada. Ottawa, Quebec City and Halifax are the most likely spots to put franchises. It will balance out the sked more, and with more divisional matchups.

If we can't get to twelve teams within a reasonable period of time and or most of our life times, then I am all for it. US expansion done properly in the Northern most States with no NFL team in the city/state and no more then 4 in total.

I agree with this statement.
Its nice to say lets go to Halifax, lets go to Quebec City or Saskatoon or Victoria or a couple of other places. But the NFL has a better chance of coming to Toronto then the CFL has of expanding to these cities in the foreseeable future.
No Stadiums and no big money available.
With the CFL salary cap going up to a rumoured 4.1 mil next year, the small market teams are still going to have a hard time breaking even especially if they have to split the pie in smaller pieces with Canadian expansion teams.
The only way for a place like Halifax to be profitable, without more TV money, is if the salary cap was back at 2.5 mil and it doesn't look like that will happen.
So any big increase in revenue has to come from television money...and that means the US market.
ESPN2 was televising CFL games during the last expansion and would IMO do so again if there was some US teams.
There are times when wishing and hoping have to give way to reality.

Well DB , you are forgetting on reality. There will be import rule for the American teams. They will dress all Americans, even though it doesnt give them any real advantage, there is a reason why its the CFL. It has to stay within Canada, and with more teams, it might even out the salary structure. Teams with high salaries might dump a few to stay within the cap, keeping all the teams competitive.

Yes Sambo we are aware of this just like the first expansion.
I believe we can deal with it, have something like a regional territory or state region and what we could consider Canadians, the US team in that region must have the Canadian equivilant number of players from same. With the balance from the rest of the States.
Overall, we new new fresh blood to create more interest, TV, TV revenue etc..

I agree.. Why the hell branch down there? There not branching up here.. Plus we need to establish more teams in Canada.
Halifax, Ottaway, Quebec City...