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I unfortunately will be in Rochester NY this weekend for a soccer tournament, and thus will be missing the game on Saturday. If anyone knows how to stream the game live in the US, I would appreciate learning how to do that. I know I can listen to the radio broadcast, however I would much rather be able to watch.

Any assistance is appreciated, even if its telling me it is not possible.

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ESPN3 is only available to users of those ISPs which have an agreement with ESPN. Cross your fingers.

There are various alternative sources and workarounds, but I've already said too much :wink:

Worked for me last week, you just need a half decent internet connection. You first create an account, and then search for "cfl football" at the top and their is usually 2-3 people streaming the game live from TSN.


I forgot to mention, if push comes to shove, you can always watch the games on demand when you get back on

Unfortunately, TSN doesn't provide anyway whatsoever to get to the video without seeing all the headlines and scores of the game. So get a friend to send you the URL if you don't like knowing the score before hand.

I spent last summer in Europe and Mid East and watched a few games on live streaming, justin and another one which I can't remember. I did watch a few games on TSN after the game was over on demand. When we got back to the US I watched the playoffs and Grey Cup on "Altitude"

There is a thread on this topic on the general CFL Forum.