US CFL viewers: Disney announces Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+ package deal.

"Disney will offer a bundle package of its three streaming services — Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ — for $12.99 a month starting on November 12th, the company announced today. "

Talk about an incongruous package…

I’m already paying $5/mo for the ESPN+. Might be interested in adding the Hulu for another fin.

Disney? Sorry, no kids in the household anymore. PASS.

Yeah, I actually loath Disney, but I do have Hulu & ESPN+ so this deal makes sense to me. I’ll just ignore the Disney drivel. I actually use Hulu quite a bit, as does my girlfriend.

Thats a good deal for US viewers .

TSN alone is 20 dollars for a subscription here .

Surprised they haven’t paired it with Crave like they did with hulu and Disney with ESPN plus .

Bell will present a package to consumers in the first/second quarter of 2020.Shaw’s(Corus) relationship with Disney is now starting to wind down over the next two years.Bell becomes the vendor of choice for Disney within Canada.

Deal. I will downgrade cable and will switch come February. Disney will include all of Marvel’s better library and Hulu many cable channels mind you.

Don’t forget Disney owns Marvel, Pixar, LucasFilms (Star Wars), ABC/ESPN, 20th Century Fox, and on and on, so getting the Disney app may be worthwhile. Already have Hulu and ESPN+, so need to see what makes sense with all the streaming accounts we have and compare to the recently enhanced Comcast/Xfinity services.

I have service on Comcast Xfinity here in Greater Philadelphia, after extending for two years, for $96 per month all-in. That’s a deal most don’t get.

For about 4 months it was great to watch mostly my niche of shows On Demand. Now I’m burned out even on those and am neither the biggest movie buff or going to order something new every week and drive up my bill.

I noticed they have shifted a whole lot of better content, not even popular stuff, to a la carte much as ESPN3 has done to ESPN+.

Of all those channels I get, I watch about 8 regularly and don’t get others as could replace so much of the other mainstream crapola.

Downgrade to internet in January once the NFL playoffs end to at about $50 per month and add Disney+ is a no-brainer and game changer.

Let’s see how cable responds or not. Using the old method from the 1980s of hoping customers hang on mindlessly won’t work.

Holy cow I just watched the top ten from ESPN 8 on TSN .

Cherry Pit Spitting and Stone Skipping on water have to be the best but head ping pong and Slippery Stairs are not far behind in entertainment .

You have to have a sense of humour to watch ESPN 2 where they turn the days sports to those more unusual one’s like dodge ball and dodge ball juggling .

It’s a true under dog story .

I think the experiment was a success as inspired by the film “Dodgeball,” which I had not seen in over a decade and it sure holds up even though such a film would not be made in our modern very touchy modern times.

One of my favourite comedy film characters of all time is Patches O’Houlihan.

They re-aired the film twice that day. I hope ESPN does The Ocho on ESPN2 again and does not wait an entire year. That stuff is more entertaining than most of the utter crap they put on ESPN 2 any more like it’s Good Morning America all day. It’s like ESPN2 was in the 1990s.

Haha agree .

Dodgeball juggling looked cool .

I love the line nobody makes me bleed my own blood from Dodgeball.