US CFL Fans say "THANKS"

Since I am the only one registered on the Forum, a Lounge full of US CFL Fans want me to Post a Thank You to the Canadian Fans that have helped us understand the rules of the CFL while we watched the games.
We started in July with approval to use my laptop and one Lounge TV, today of the 22TVs in the Lounge there are 8 showing the CFL Playoff games. On the wall there is also a Maple Leaf along side the Stars and Strips.
We are still learning to appreciate good CFL football, and next week this Lounge will be full to watch their first Grey Cup Game. Which I believe the Ti-Cats will win!
Again from all of us Thank You!

Classy comment challenger. Glad that you and your friends are learning to like our great game (yeah I`m biased!). Enjoy the Grey Cup and we shall certainly hope that history repeats itself and the Ticats beat Calgary (at least the way they are playing so far) in Vancouver as they did in 1999! :smiley:

Glad you guys liked the game! You mentioned a few weeks ago where you're watching, but I could use a reminder.

What's your take on the officiating from today?

Were those punt return touchdowns as entertaining on TV?

This weekend I am home on the Space Coast of Florida, Friday I'll fly to DC and Saturday we will take one of the company planes to Vancouver return to DC Monday.
I will remain quiet on officiating, good, bad or indifferent (ruling stands) it is part of the game.
Being able to see the play from various angles on TV really reflects the play of both teams, good blocking and a runner like Banks is certainly entertaining--especially if your a Ti-Cat fan!
Enjoy your win, your evening and the game next week!
Western Playoff is interesting in its own way!

Football is football, gridiron style, if you like the game you like it despite rules, leagues, amateur, pro whatever. I've been very entertained watching kids practice as wife and me wander around on sidewalks and alongside parks in Hamilton with their gridiron gear on, it's just football if you love the game. Do I care if they are playing 12 men on the field, 3 downs, whatever field size etc.? Of course not, I'm a gridiron fan. It could be 5 downs, 70 yard field and a 20 yard halo for all I care.