US broadcast schedule

Long time Tiger-Cats fan here in Ohio. Can't find any information at all on US broadcast schedule. Last year was awesome as this over the air network called America One broadcast a ton of games. The CFL site has nothing. Anyone know anything? Sorry if this is already discussed somewhere and I missed it!

A European broadcast schedule would be nice too. Used to show it on NASN but by the time it came to Italy ESPN was in control annd we get Utah Iron Man competitions instead... :frowning:

Yes, I am anxious too to see where I can watch CFL football when I'm back in the US in October.
I've tried TSN on-line but it doesn't stream into the US, same with CBC I've tried on-line but it won't stream outside of Canada either.

Looks like the 2010 U.S. Broadcast schedule has yet to be posted

U.S. Broadcast and Webcast Schedule2010 Season
We will post the 2010 U.S. Broadcast Schedule as soon as it is made available. Thanks for your patience.
*Please check back frequently for updates. Please note that the schedule is subject to change.

Don't know if these will still work:

that's good I'll have to try it. Just too bad that I can't watch live, unless I pay $5.95 per game or $250 for the season!

If you want to watch it live go to when the game is on. They usually have links on there to watch CFL games. This site carries alot of different sporting events. Pretty sweet if you ask me! :thup: :thup:

Oh and the best part is that it’s totally free!

But not outside of Canada, that is the point.
You can watch games live on TSN, but not outside of Canada, unless you pay for it.

I’ve watched some games p2p and some were okay and others were choppy and hard to watch. Sure wish America One was carrying games, but got an email from their customer relations saying it ain’t gonna happen. ESPN3 (formerly 360) is being pretty coy on their schedule, so maybe something is in the works. It doesn’t make the league look great not to have all of their broadcasting lined up with just a few days to go before the start of the season…oh, well…

I take it back about ESPN3 being coy about their schedule -- doesn't look like their schedule includes the CFL this year...

I wonder why the CFL doesn't come up with some way to broadcast the games on the internet outside of Canada, especially if they want to sell the game to fans south of the border.
I can't understand why TSN would charge $5.99 to watch games live on the internet. Does it cost money to broadcast on the internet?

Heck, I'd pay to watch some games on-line, but even that info doesn't seem to be available at the CFL site...

But you can go to the TSN site and the costs are as follows:

Live games $5.95 USD
Season Pass $249.95 USD
Archived games $3.95 USD

Live games $7.95 USD
Archived games $3.95 USD

Live game$9.95 USD
Archived game $3.95 USD

Here is the link:

Might buy a few games...have to do the math to figure out if the season pass is worth it...

I think they're pricing is absurd too, but the short answer is that yes, it costs money to broadcast on the internet. TSN has to pay a service provider for the data traffic capacity consumed by their servers, and they have to pay to maintain their server infrastructure.

Wow, archived games were free last year on TSN.

I hope there's more than this next year, I'm going to be on sabbatical in the US. I will seriously disappointed if I can't see the games.


you can see all the games you want in the US on the internet…but it will cost you

It's reported that the CFL and NFL have agreed to a broadcasting of 14 CFL games on the NFL Network starting with the July 1st game between Montreal and Saskatchewan.

Schedule here

Looks like espn3 will be showing games too, according to the bit below the schedule.

There's also an article about the US broadcast on the home page.

The CFL announced June 30th that 14 regular season games will be on the NFL network starting with the Grey Cup rematch July 1st,Als at Riders.NFL network will use TSN feed for the games.Great news for the league to get this deal on the NFL Network.American fans will be happy!