(Urgent) Let's help our friends in Hamilton

Hi everyone,

As indicated on my profile, I live just outside of Toronto but I actually grew up in Hamilton, which has been having quite the battle recently over a botched stadium plan. As many of us locals know, Burlington (just north of Hamilton), has a tradition of coming to Hamilton's rescue and that's exactly what they're planning on doing by offering to move the Tabbies' new stadium a few kms within the other side of the Hamilton-Burlington boder:

[url=http://cfl.ca/article/ticats-examine-potential-sites-in-burlington]http://cfl.ca/article/ticats-examine-po ... burlington[/url]

I'm posting this message to ask if you can take a moment to send an email to one of the councillors/mayor of Burlington to express your support of the new proposal which would be viable from both a financial and accessibility point of view. Here is the council's contact list:


For those curious, the stadium proposal would move the Tiger-Cats just below the Hwy 403 line on the pink Ward 1 area on the left side of the map shown on the link above -- it's very central, and has train, highway and hotel access.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Thanks for all the support in tough times, but thing's are under control now.Finally these fool's can stop with the "Burlington" Tiger-Cats have signed... the "Aldershot" Tiger-Cats have released.... That joke got old after the first person said it.

A rebuilt IWS, doesn't get much sweeter.Forget the Pan Am, forget the grey cup.IWS has something that modern stadiums don't.History and the ultimate fan experience via access and sight lines.