The American Television Network (CTV) played NFL football this afternoon on the main network while keeping the CFL on cable. This is an insult to Canadian culture. We must mobilise. A new generation is being taught that the CFL is only good enough for channel 30, but the NFL is good enough for channel 8.

Agreed Bills 100% we have been saying that now for months since the new TV deal.
You forgot to mention keeping the Grey Cup on TSN while the Snore Bowl is on the main CTV network.

Which sports fan doesn't have cable?

Although true Tecmo, it is the optics of keeping the GC on the “cable” network.

...I'll tell you what is urgent: Hurricane Ike...a football game?, no, not even close...

...and to anyone that doesn't have cable: time to go check your trap line...

I see it the other way. To see the CFL you need TSN. A premium channel. To see the NFL you need CTV, a free channel.

To me it says people are willing to pay to see the CFL (and the TV numbers this year support that), but will only watch NFL if it's free.

I don't see it as an insult to the CFL at all, in fact it's quite flattering to them.

Hard to argue with that :thup:

If my opinion mattered to any one at CTV, and for this instance I will pretend it does, I would suggest putting the games on CTV instead of TSN. Sure, most fans are willing to pay to see their team on TSN, but if games are shown on CTV, you get those viewers, plus the bandwagon jumpers, and people who have nothing better to do. There is no way that viewer #s would go down, and almost a sure bet that they would go up significantly. more viewers = more advertising revenue. Could they not at least put the odd game on CTV to try and attract more fans? I am a shift worker, and my workplace does not condone watching TV at work, but supervisors used to let us pull out a tv and the rabitt ears to watch games on CBC in the evenings, when we are not very busy. It would be nice to still have that option.

I see it the other way around. TSN with all its warts is the "flagship" sports station in Canada. CTV afternoon is liniked to infomercials, tv reruns and syndication.

Honestly who cares what station the NFL is on. Those who enjoy the CFL are going to watch it whether it's on TSN, CTV, or CBC.

It has nothing to do with Canadian culture , but more on Advertising Dollars as the networks get more money for nfl games since most products on tv are american.

If a network can get more money for advertising time on a show that's going to have a fraction of the viewers then props to them.

Does anybody actually watch the Super Bowl for football purposes?

And I like what Retrievel said, very true.

I watch the game, the commercials are usually entertaining as well. I like football in general, you give me a choice and I'll watch a CFL game over an NFL game but if there's no CFL I'm usually watching some NFL.

I don't quite understand why we need to bash the NFL constantly on this forum though. Others may believe the CFL or it's fans have an inferiority complex but we don't have to help that cause by bashing it to feel better about our league.

I'm not bashing the NFL I'm just wondering because to me the Super-Bowl seems more about the party, warm weather, half time show, etc.

Everything besides the game, but that's just me.

On a side note I also don't understand why people can't just be fans of the CFL or the NFL. They're different games, and not everyone likes both. That still doesn't mean they're not a football fan.

It's thinking like that that causes a thirty second time slot for the Super Bowl to sell for 185K and for the Grey Cup...50K.
Despite the fact the Grey Cup over the last ten years has outdrawn the Super Bowl (despite the fact that the last couple of years the Super Bowl has narrowly beat out the Grey Cup)
How the Super Bowl generate over three times the revenue of the Grey Cup (despite almost identical ratings) proves that Canada is possiblly the most pathetic country in the world....
Before you all jump on me.... I love Canada and will probablly live here for most of the rest of my life... I just hate the fact that we sell ourselves short almost on a constant basis.
Go spend some time in Australia and you'll see a country with 2/3 of our population that seems twice as big as we seem to be.

Well said Blin.

Well I don't think People get TSN just for the CFL . TSN is a specialty Channel that only shows sports although I don't see how Poker is a sport, the CTV shows a variety of programming and since it is a National broadcaster it is also available off-air as regulated by the CRTC same as CBC and your local French Channel.
As far as NFL goes their are thousands of people in Canada that will spend over $100.00 a season just to watch the NFL Channels and Bars and resturants spend thousands to market the product .
I myself prefer the CFL to the NFL but the NFL is just this huge marketing machine and it seems to be the "cool thing" to follow.
I was in Seattle to catch a game once and it was the most boring sporting event I had ever seen take away the Hype and lights you see on TV and the Game drags on forever as there is so many TV time outs .

The real problem is that CFL fans are REAL Canadians... Canadians who have mortgages and Canadians who actually work.
NFL fans tend to be people who either are, or pretend to be rich and important and follow all of the fashionable trends.
Like if you meet a young kid (13-21) who likes to listen to hip hop... 99% chance if they like football that it is NFL (a CFL video game would do wonders to change this but that is another endless topic)
Then if you meet your 20 somthing club goer who is buying sports cars (whether they can afford them or not is debateable) chances are that if they are football fans that they are NFL fans.
Then you meet the ,either real ,or pretend rich people that are between 30-50 years old, who go to Mexico or Arizona 2 times a year to go golfing ,or who have a cottage at Lake Okangan or Lake Ontario ...Chances are if they are football fans that they are NFL fans.
This leaves CFL fans to tipically comprise of people who are (hate to say it) a little geeky or a little hippy who don't really care about trends and what is in style.
This hurts us because despite excellent TV ratings.. advitizers know that CFL fans are too smart to be brain washed and do what they are told, act the way that is cool, and most importantly buy what is cool and what they are told to buy.
NFL fans on the other hand ,have spent their whole life insecure ,and grooming their image desprately trying to fit in... Often wasting money on things that they cannot afford (These people live all over Canada..however the heaviest consentations are in Vancouver and Toronto).....thus they are prime picking for advatizers. Thus NFL spots draw more money irreguardless of TV ratings...
In conclussion... If the CFL ever wants to thrive, we must draw fans who are fake and insecure.... This will take decades...however if we get our own(quality ) video game... that will be the start.... edited

Buddy, take a pill! Those who want to watch the CFL will watch it; those who want to watch the NFL will watch that.

Also, why didn't the header say CTV insults Toronto?