Upset at Wally's call

I am disappointed with Wally putting in Dickenson.
I was at the Sep 22 game in Regina where Jackson had a slow start but poured it on in the second half.
You should have heard that place after the final td by Simon.....Anyways thanks for a great year Lions.
I will be cheering for ya next year.

i totaly agree again Wally's stupid bonehead idea of bringing in DD when he is all washed up, he had one good play in Hamilton that he threw a touchdown to Jason Clearmont, Hamilton is a bad team too, did not he learn from the game against Calgary a couple of weeks agao when Dickenson was getting sakced all over the place, Wally does this every year except for last year , He should step down as coach and get somebody in there who does not make these stupid mistakes, if he left JJ in Guarentee we would have came back and won.

Yup. I could understand getting DD in there to run the 1 min drill at the end of the half, to get JJ to settle down and see from the sidelines, but DD had great field position and could'nt generate even a FG chance! All second half.

Well, they abandoned the run game too. Should've kept pounding the ball in the second to alleviate the hole Rassouli left.

Oh well. Canned Noise couldn't do the trick.

Was Buck Pierce still that injured? JJ wasn't getting it done, DD wasn't getting it done. I don't understand why we didn't go to Buck. We had nothing to loose.

I don't think it was a bad idea to put DD in. JJ was way off on almost all of his passes. Do you really want to risk throwing more interceptions.

I don't blame Wally or DD for this one. It was a terrible showing by the O-Line. Sask adapted well to DD and we didn't adjust our offensive game.

HC's win big games by coaching with their heads not their hearts!! What a bonehead decision!! Players are remembered and signed based on their last game, last play, so should coaches.....Buono needs a good swift kick in the ass, should call a meeting and apologize to the entire organization for his actions.....maybe he had money on the game??????[/b]

All last week, all we heard in Sask was how badly BC would beat us. Every BC fan said that it didn't matter who played QB because........any one of them could win...........but all I hear today is crying about the QB?

Guts and heart beats talent every time.

I agree to pull JJ and put in DD but only to settle JJ down. Buono pulled another Printers escapade. It was JJ's game to win or lose, not DD's. JJ should have been put in for the 4th quarter and finished the game - at least given the chance. It was his team this year he brought them to 14-3. I'm very disappointed in Buonos decision. DD didn't do anything - the touchdown was because of Smart, not DD. Also, I disagree JJ had two interceptions - only 1. The other was a tip by Claremont. I hope JJ sticks around after this. We should keep him and Buck, DD's time has come to say goodbye, it's been good but.....

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Wally’s an idiot…

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