Upset about Saturday playoff dates

Does anybody know why in the world the most important games in the CFL are being played on Saturday afternoons and not on the traditional Sundays?????? "This is our league" is the CFL theme this year but I would dare say that more fans will be working Saturdays than on Sunday, so this is not right in my mind!!!! If this schedule is being dictated by TSN then shame on them. The CFL is Canada's game and if TSN feels it's more important broadcast NFL or NASCAR on a Sunday afternoon they are out of touch with the Canadian public and have completely tainted thier first season exclusively broadcasting the CFL!!!!!!

i Totally agree with you i work Saturdays also and since the major market is Toronto there is too much retail shopping going on during saturdays so it stands to reason that no one will watch. I have since i was a little boy looked forward(im 46 now) to playoff games and Grey cup on sundays. I had marked it on my calendar everyear. Now playoff Sundays are gone and im sure next will be the Grey Cup. This also hurts ratings for CIS Football now.......IM VERY SAD OF THIS was truly the 2 most looked forward to sundays of the year for me..and now its gone

CFL is a gate driven league. Games on saturday is better for people who have to work monday to work out travel arrangments.

Plus I think it's a bad idea to run games while the NFL games are all going. If you want to maximize viewers then don't make them choose CFL over NFL because you won't always win.

Too bad Toronto isn't in the playoffs.. so it won't matter!

i assure you that people will watch

And wouldn't you rather get drunk on a Saturday and not worry about having to go to work the next day with a massive headache? :smiley:

The move to Saturday was at the request of CTV, TSN's parent company.

CFL playoff games have been drawing 1M to 2M viewers over the past few years on Sunday. The normal NFL ratings on Sunday are 50,000 to 300,000. The CFL's popularity kills the NFL on Sunday and CTV/TSN was not happy. TSN approached the CFL about moving the playoff games to Saturday, with the theory that CFL fans will watch the playoff game no matter when they are played, so there was little sense taking more fans away from the profitable (but low rated) NFL broadcasts. CFL commissioner Cohon said, "let's see what happens", with regards to moving CFL playoff games to Saturday and competing head-to-head with Hockey Night in Canada.

We’re not competing head-to-head with HNIC. Check the times.

Almost all provinces have shopping on Sundays now too, so to me that's a bit of lame excuse to compare Saturday vs Sunday. It may not fit your specific situation, but in general I don't see much difference really with either day.

Most people DON'T work Saturdays. Most people work Monday to Friday. And if you do work on Saturday, pony up and get a HD PVR and record the game. I prefer the Saturday games. Then I can watch CFL football on Saturday then NFL on Sunday.

I'll be traveling to watch the eastern final. Saturday suits me just fine.

Saturday is way better than sunday, cfl should be played thursday to friday so as not to try and compete with the NFL which many canadians watch

I'm excited about the Saturday game. If the Riders have a game and if I can get tickets it will be much easier to go to. I won't have to travel home late Sunday night. I can make a weekend of it.

ya guys lets play sunday and compete directly with the nfl great thinking. it seems every year people complain about the saturday games but so long as the nfl is on sunday ours are on saturday. its the logic on television, what do people want to watch cfl or nfl. most will say nfl. its as simple a solution as the leageu releases the days that play offs will be, schedule that day of when the season starts. i know i did. if you team plays well then u get to watch. if not well u get a day off and still get to watch the playoffs. genius

Then why does the CFL get higher ratings...?

in canada, in the states, or overall.

and higher ratings are good yes comapred to the nfl. but even still i am sure that when competing against the nfl we do get less then if not by a very fair margin

Again I am asking why is the CFL (CANADIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE) and TSN not respecting the people of CANADA. There is an obvious reason for football to be on in the states on Sunday. So why are we as Canadian forced to move our traditions to benefit the NFL. Furthermore why are there NFL fans on the CFL web sight when they are obviously are not true fans of this league. Maybe, the people who are not upset by the saturday games, their teams are already out of the playoffs and have nothing else to do so turn to the NFL. All I can say is that I hope none of Cananda has any business to do in Saskatchewan on playoff Saturday!!!!

Again, how many Canadians are upset about this? Not many...

Im goin to a Wedding on Saturday the 8th and will miss the Lions beating the Riders :frowning:

I personally do not have a problem with Saturday games, in fact I would like to see the Grey Cup moved to Saturdey. That would make it much easier for fans to travel to attend the game. As it stands, with the game on Sunday, for a person to attend from out of town, they would need to miss at least one day of work, if the game were on Saturday, Sunday would be a travel day. People could go to Grey Cup parties on Saturday without worrying about a hangover Monday morning. That being said, I am retired so I'm not passionate about either Saturday or Sunday.