Is it just me or do there seem to be a lot of uprights being hit on FG attempts this year? Yet another obscure stat that would be interesting to see. Generally I recall seeing 3-4 per season, and I recall probably a 1/2 dozen this year already.


There has been a lot of upright bonkers on fieldgoal attempts this season for sure.

White hit the post on his first attempt and then promptly made kicks 24 in a row.

Johnson hit the upright in BC.

Milo hit the upright in Toronto.

Prefo hit the upright in BC and it fell through good, but was called back on a penalty. He missed the next attempt.

Someone else hit the post against Sask, I don't remember who, and it fell through good.

Now that you've brought it up, what are the rules regarding a ball bouncing off of the uprights? (Pardon my ignorance)

No problem.

If a FG hits the upright and bounces back or wide, it is a an immediate dead ball, no points.

If a FG hits the upright and bounces through, it is good, 3 points.

I can’t remember about passes hitting uprights.

Punts hitting the uprights are live balls, even hitting the BACK of the upright.

Thanks. I wonder what the kicking game would be like if the ball were still live after a bounce off of the uprights that doesn't go through. One thing that irks me a little about the single off of a missed field goal is that there's a possibility of points if the ball goes very wide, but if it's just a little wide, i.e. it hits the uprights but doesn't go through, then no points are possible. So in a sense, there is a lesser reward for being better.

I believe it becomes a dead ball.

ya know, there is a solution to these situations :wink:

you mean this?

Yeh, eliminate uprights altogether. No more field goals. That would have been your suggestion, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can't think of anything else that would be a betterment to the game.

You are getting at the NFL game right FYB :stuck_out_tongue:

I don't think it's a big deal but if a single point were to be awarded for hitting the upright, as long as it was still ruled a dead ball I would not be dead against it.

But the argument against that is that the single is not awarded for missing the FG, it is awarded for putting the ball across the goal line without it being returned out. So if it bounces off the post wide there could be a rouge, but if it bounces back, then it never crosses the goalline and therefore could not be a rouge. It potentially gets really messy, so I think the rule is fine the way it is.

I thought you were going to say move it to the back of the endzone...lol. That would really limit the FG attempts I guess huh. The uprights at the back of the endzone has frustrated me to no end in the US style game...even when playing it. I mean, the goal line is not at the back of the endzone. I guess that is a key point generally overlooked when comparing the 2 NA games...The US kinda needs them at the back because of the shallow endzone...would be a huge disadvantage in the passing game.

I say if you can hit the upright it should be 5! I mean...that is accuracy if you were actually going for it! LOL


Suspend something a little bigger than a hula hoop in the center of the uprights, about 10 feet above the crossbar. Put a net on it. If the ball goes in the net, its a 5 point FG! If a pass inadvertently goes in it on an offensive play, its an automatic turnover!

Oh, lets go with that! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I see the day when all goal posts will be virtual.

Keep in mind FYB; it’s an illusion of the mind that one likes to think of and/or in vision of :stuck_out_tongue: