Upper West Side

Great sightlines, which is what its all about.

That said, I do not recommend them if you have a hard time climbing stairs, or have vertigo.

I saw more than a few people (mostly seniors) a bit overwhelmed by the trip up.


Should be a lot better next season when all the elevators are working.

Funny little story from the last game in the Upper West side. About midway through the first quarter, my two friends get up and go down to the concessions to grab something to eat and drink. While they were gone, this big "mama" comes walking up the stairs, stops at my row and says, "My f' in t-shirts better be on my seats" to anybody who would listen.She enters my row and stops at my two friends vacated seats (seats 4 & 5) and says to me, "Where are my f' in t-shirts". I said "Excuse me, but where are your seats located" to which she says "seats 13 & 14" which were about halfway down the row. I said look big mama but your seats are halfway down the row, to which she marched down and pulled her two shirts off the back of the seats and off she went to another section with her prized possessions. Sometimes I'm just so proud to be from Hamilton.

Hey !, that was my wife !

I never knew that your wife had missing teeth 'dork :lol: Give my regards to the missus.

Stop bullying me. She has a lot of inner beauty.

That bowling ball was my wife!!! :lol:

I liked it up there on the Upper West side last game. Yes you are high. and yes there were a ton of stairs but I liked the less crowded concession area up there and the views. Some pics from up there I previously posted in another thread copied here.

The view while standing in line for a beer


Nice escarpment view too


Yes you are high, look how much you tower over the patio and the houses beyond


Great view of the play


Neat view as you are coming out of the tunnel heading for your seats


It is steep, but you have a safety bar in front of you, lots of legroom for people to get by and a reminder you are in Hamilton beyond the scoreboard


Great shots thank you - appreciate the feel of the stadium your pics give us -
THF is a really sweet a stadium - well done - a deserving gem for a Hamilton

Im curious. How do the windows work on the pressbox. Specifically the brodcast booth for TSN and Radio. Do they swing up to the ceiling as was the case at Ivor Wynne? Or do they slide sideways?

Even during construciton they seemed to always be open.

You cans see the windows im talking about in the last shot above.

Nice pictures Travel.

How are the views from way up there there? I've been to an everyother part except for upper west/east seats.

I refuse to go up there for 2 reasons. 1 I don't like heights anymore and 2 I don't like exercise.

Maybe future stadiums will have seats that pick you up and bring you to your location. Now that would be ideal.

Make it like Star Trek - 'Beam me to my seat please'.

I like the view from up there - great view for seeing plays develop and holes opening up on runs or returns or receivers breaking into the clear. I really like it.

Plus all the stairs gave me my exercise for the day. :slight_smile:

no one is more afraid of heights than yours truly, but being in the third row is no bother. big downside is my 75 yr old legs doing those stairs. I’m told more elevators will be available next season for guys like us.

Great photos Travel. Itching to head over and see a game there after seeing those...2015 can't come soon enough. :thup:

For the East Final, I sat in the upper west section at centre field on the very last row. The view I had was the same as what you saw on television from a distance.

I don’t suffer from vertigo, but it was slightly dizzying at first. It was nice being under a roof in the event of rain, which turned out not to be the case for this game.

I had to have the binos to make out numbers and names of players.

And it sure was a LONG walk up the stairs to get there.

But it was great fun and what a game!!!