Upper West Seats

Does anyone know if the upper west seats are going to be open for the next game? Or for the concert this weekend..

wont be opened for the concert.

Conflicting reports on whether it will be open for oct 4th or oct 17th game. Drew edwards said oct 17th. Cbc Hamilton said “next game.”

Second and Third levels should be opened for the concert and next game though.

Season ticket holders have been informed that the upper west will not be open for the game on Oct 4th. We have been offered an upgradedcseat in another section, and two extra tickets as compensation. I consider that very generous on the psrt of yhe Ticats.

If you dont have seats for the next game, hurry up and buy, they are going fast

I have upper west ST and I called yesterday morning to inquire about the next game. they said nothing had been announced yet and they offered to move me then. maybe that's why I didn't get the subsistent email. so in this email, upper west STH we're offered an additional 2 tickets? if that's the case, I should give them a call back and see if I can still get them.

an insightful article in the spec.

should be at least another 1600 seats for the upcoming game in the club and suite levels.

[url=http://www.thespec.com/news-story/4875292-3-200-seats-off-limits-during-urban-concert-pan-am-stadium-builder/]http://www.thespec.com/news-story/48752 ... m-builder/[/url]

As an upper west season ticket holder I was able to upgrade and now have 4 gold seats for the next game. Third row behind the visitors' bench. I think that is excellent compensation. Hopefully the entire stadium will be open for the last game of the season (and playoffs!).

i looks like they removed any upper west seats off of ticketmaster for the last 2 games. i thought i saw some UW seats available earlier for those games.

i checked yesterday, there were only a handful of seats left in the upper west. could be that the upper west has sold out for those last 2 games

According to Drew Edwards from the spec, the upper west bowl seats and press box will be ready for October 17 game.

i hope that's the case because ticketmaster is showing there's not many tickets left for the RB game on the 17th. if the Cats didn't put any aside and they need to move us.......

My Dad and I have season tickets in the upper west stands. For the last game, we sat in the lower east stands, and nearly froze our jingle bells off. I imagine that the wind in the upper west stands (about 100 feet taller than where we sat last game) will be ferocious for the Ottawa game, and the games after that. Could be colder than the lowest rung of Dante's Inferno up there, but if the Ticats win, we will be happy campers.

Sweet. Wasnt planing on going to this one due to it being a 7pm friday game but now i have to just too see how loud it'll be with extra 3000 or so screaming fans..

Just called to see about an extra ticket. Our season seats are in 204, and it seems they are putting people into the east side again, as thats where our seats ended up with the extra ticket. I am not sure if that means the upper west seats are again close. But it might be best to call and see about switching and getting whatever seats are left on the east side.

Best silver seats on the east side (for 3 together anyway) are at row 22.

Well that was weird....

Tim Hortons Field builders Ontario Sports Solutions (ONSS) have once again informed the Tiger-Cats that the Upper West section of the facility will not be open for the Friday, October 17 Ticats home game against Ottawa. Although significant progress has been made as it relates to seating and railings, unfortunately the concourse including concessions and washrooms are still a work in progress.

As a result your season seats will not be available for use. However, based on the current status we're optimistic the Upper West section will be operational for our Saturday, November 8 game against Montreal.

The Tiger-Cats would like to relocate you to the best seats available. As a thank you for your ongoing patience and continued support we are pleased to confirm an automatic upgrade.

Upgrade your seats into the Gold priced category for this game at no charge to you, now! (Subject to availability).

We ask that all Upper West season seat holders looking for upgraded replacement seats, contact the Tiger-Cats by Monday, October 13 at 905-547-CATS (2287).

However, staying true with our previously stated policy, all displaced Upper West season seat holders will also have the option of receiving a credit or refund for the full value of your seats.

Note: Saturday, November 8 is Fan Appreciation Day at Tim Hortons Field. In recognition of the ongoing delays and your continued support of the Tiger-Cats through these unique circumstances, a pair of additional seats in the Upper West section will be made available to you at no charge. Stay tuned for more details.

If you have any questions regarding your seating location please call our office and speak to a Ticketing representative directly at 905-547-CATS (2287).

Oskee Wee Wee,

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club

Wow that's unbelievable - I jokingly said way back in July when I was given a refund for the Home Opener that "I hope the stadium is open for the next time the REDBLACKS come to Hamilton at the end of October: !!! everyone said don't be negative of course it will be open by October. Here we are THREE months later and still not finished.
So if the upper deck is not open for the October 17th game then I wonder about the game after that on the 8th of November? don't know if they will host a playoff game on the 16th

It is what it is.

I suspect that as games are now actually taking place at THF, the builder may no longer be paying a $1,000,000.00 penalty, and therefore has lost the incentive to urgently complete the stadium.

We should just make the most out of the situation.

The Ticats are trying to.

@brad2332 - I am sure that the team's lawyers are going after IO for lost revenue re: seats, concessions, insurance, etc. Now, if the fines came out of the workers' paycheques, I am CERTAIN the stadium would be completely finished and up-to-code on-time and on-budget. ESPECIALLY if there was an early completion bonus...

I’m hoping the upper west seats are open for Fri Oct 17 Vs Ottawa



Why would you think that it's the workers fault? Delays were caused by design faults and a stream of changes. Typical management attitude, if something is wrong it has to be the guys doing the job. Even if what they are doing what you management, or in this case uninformed outsider, told them to do.