Upper End Zone just Opened up for Saturday; Sec 53 flying

They just opened up the Upper End Zone (across from Scoreboard) for Saturday; $ 26/pop

Section 53 up to row E now flying; we MAY be closing in on 40,000 :rockin:

Great value. Those radio stations have to pump the game.

we will probebly hit at the most 36,000 that is what rick daliwall said on nw today.

it looks like there are some tickets left in the lower bowl manly singles, but i would think that they would be moving everybody who wants a $26.00 ticket from know on will be in the upper deck.

Dhaliwal knows nothing

120db i would belive daliwal more than you.

get out of here dupsdell

One third of the Upper Deck (Sec 36 - 54) is now up for grabs


no not good enough, open up another third