Upon Further Review: Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Upon Further Review is a series that looks back at each team’s 2021 season, their key free agent additions and other staff and roster changes and looks ahead to their 2022 campaign.

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Winnipeg is primed for another run in 2022 with Collaros back, Ellingson added and a defence full of continuity, you have to believe the good times will keep rolling at IG Field this summer...


That's what I keep telling myself. We're still on a roll baby. :partying_face:

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I'm not as thrilled with Oliveira as some are, though hopefully he can produce the kind of production Harris had. You pretty much have to get 5 yds/carry in the CFL. The "elite" backs do that. Oliveira was almost a full yard behind Harris running behind the same dominant OL. He was in Timothy Flanders territory, a guy with similar touches.

The Bombers will be good but IMO there will be no dominant team in the West or East this year. Missing Desjarlais, Harris, Lawler & Adams on Offence is no small thing. Missing Darby, Richardson & Alford on Defence plus Castillo are also big holes. It brings to mind the 2013 Riders for me & the half dozen or so big contributors that were gone the following year. I wouldn't dismiss the Bombers, but they have their work cut out for them.


Funny how there's always one western team that's conspicuously missing from these pages on this particular site.

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Zach, was injury free all of the last season.
But can he play an entire 18 game schedule - healthy?? You got to keep in mind his history of injuries, and the next guy up is not Chris.

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The worst teams got better, and the best team won't be as dominant.
Hopefully we see a real competitive year on both sides.


The next man up would be Dakota Prukop. We plan to let him get him acclimatized by letting Zack Collaros play the first 16 games of this upcoming season. Once first place is locked up with a couple games remaining it'll be Dakota Prukop's turn to show us what he's learned. After that we'll be issuing report cards and holding parent teacher conferences.

Make us proud Dakota! :smiley: :+1:


I think Prukop will get plenty of snaps for short yardage and possibly holder for field goals. Not sure about him starting games and resting Collaros but do believe he will play well.

Good depth signing.

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The bombers won it all back to back, looking for triple crown so to speak... at least two other western teams will contend hard by the time the playoffs roll around. In the east, the ticats will again be looking for revenge and building to that end. Back in the west the contenders know that the Bombers are the team to beat and will build to that result. Time will tell if anyone succeeded

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This year there's great expectation
From the fans in Bomber nation.
Surely there'll be celebration.
A Grey Cup is the expectation.

Great joy for the population.
A year ahead for contemplation,
Of dreaming big & navel gazin'.

Sadly my determination
There'll be more exasperation
Consternation, devastation.

This year in my estimation,
Without no exaggeration
No Grey Cups - that is their station.

I heard it from Galdur on the corner of Quelch & Gallagher so it must be true
Great joy for the population