Upon Further Review: Ottawa REDBLACKS

Upon Further Review is a series that looks back at each team’s 2021 season, their key free agent additions and other staff and roster changes and looks ahead to their 2022 campaign.

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Lots of changes on the REDBLACKS. Masoli is a key signing & has some good weapons @ receiver. The OL is completely rebuilt so the question there is how long to gel. Masoli's mobility will help out there. Powell turns 34 & production dropped off last year, but should help the run game. Overall, looks pretty good.

On defence Laing & Coleman are strong in the middle & Boateng should have a bounce back year. Williams & Levels are good @ LB. The DB's look real good. Baltimore, Kanneh, Pruneau & Randall Evans, 3rd in tackles/game DB's, return. Hunter, Trumaine Washington are real good additions & Cranston, Beaulieu & Howell provide depth. Depth, however, is thin in the front 7. If they can sign Beasley, that would help.

Ward & Leone are a top notch kicking duo. With Dedmon off to the U.S. he'll be hard to replace. A quick start is imperative. They start with a 2 game tilt with the Bombers & also visit the Riders & TiCats in their 1st 5 games.

Ottawa & the Als meet 4 times & this may determine who finishes 3rd. IMO
they will battle for 3rd.

Ottawa fans should be feeling pretty good about some of the changes coming around. I would be surprised if they don't at least double their win total from last year. If they're lucky & get Dedmon back things get even more optimistic. I can easily see the East as a 4 way fight next year.

Disagree about the DBs. Kanneh and Pruneau are past their prime imo. Being on the field a lot last year is the reason for their stats.

Money Hunter is good. Evans and Washington are starters so there is hope. I ca see Shawn Burke signing Frankie Williams who would be a great asset provided he is healthy.

Kanneh needs to cut his hair. Shaving it off my go well with Lapo and Burke

Don't necessarily disagree with you. Kanneh & Pruneau both are/will be 32 this year so they may have another year or 2 left, good depth pieces in any case. My comment on the DB's looking real good is on the choices on deck to field a good starting 5 & a couple of backups. Hunter & Trumaine certainly will start & 2 of the returning 4 I mentioned. That could well be Baltimore & Evans, with a CDN likely starting @ safety. I forgot about LaPo & his hair issues over the years. :grin:

Masoli is a big step backwards.
Acklin is a good acquisition.
Have NEVER understood the great reviews of Laing - SO overrated.
Overall - better team but not quite .500

I think if you design an offence around him he can be very effective. In the last two years he has been forced into playing an offence designed for another QB and that doesn't work well for any QB.

Kanneh and Pruneau are still effective players with lots of experience. As someone else said they spent a LOT of time on the field last year and I think that dilutes your stats. When you get tired you get sloppy, plain and simple. Being on the field 40 minutes a game means at some point they will run out of gas and then its all over.

To judge players based on that would be a mistake in my opinion.

How anybody could possibly think Masoli is a "big step backwards" compared to the QBing they have had the past couple of seasons is laughable/mind-boggling.

They went out and signed a ton of free agents, including a bunch of guys with proven or starter CFL resumes; the upgrades, on paper, are substantial to say the least. Talent wise, they should be able to compete with all other East teams IMO; wether LaPolice can put it all together with so many new guys and form a solid TEAM is another matter - lots of new parts on both O & D (and I hope they don't hand jobs to some guys based on past CFL accomplishments - Powell, Cunningham, Adams, Hunter in particular, rather than have good TC competition decide things).

Too bad they lost Dedmon - who was a deadly returner - but their outstanding kicking game might keep them in games or win a couple even while they gel as the season goes on ?

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I stand by my comment - Masoli is NOT an improvement - short and inaccurate.