Upon Further Review: Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Upon Further Review is a series that looks back at each team’s 2021 season, their key free agent additions and other staff and roster changes and looks ahead to their 2022 campaign.

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I really like the TiCat defence from top to bottom. The offence is a different matter. I like Evans @ QB & Shiltz is a good add. Jackson is a VG back. The OL needs to address LT & could use another piece. The receivers are decent but maybe the least impressive of the Eastern teams IMO. And the kicker here is the kicker. Both the guys last year ranked above the 3 castoffs in Wpg BC (before Castillo) at the bottom of the CFL in FG %.

I do believe they can challenge for top spot & have to be considered a good bet for another trip to the big game if Evans can stay healthy.

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Good read. The usual Ticats analysis for the post- McManus era: defence carrying the team until the offence gels. Definitely still in search of a good kicker since Hajrulahu departure. And if everything comes together through 2022, they still have another chance to win at home in 2023.

I have always been a Cat fan - now going on for 74 years! I am sorry to see Banks go - he will be missed. It is my hope that Evans can deliver and that Steinhauer will step it up this year - I thought he dropped the ball too often last season - he also needs to place a bomb under O-Coach - here's hoping for a better 2022 season for the entire team!

Please explain your thought .

My biggest frustration with the 2021 team was their inability to protect (or build on) a lead, especially in the 2nd half. . Dont know if that is due to coaching or player complacency. Looking for improvement in 2022.

Yes . Totally agree with you on that . Those two back to back home losses against Montreal and then the following week against Toronto when we had two score leads late in the 4th quarter really stuck in my craw . Then the topping on the cake was the repeat performance in the Cup with yet another two score lead that was unbelievably barfed up once again that cost us the Cup .

There is really no excuse I can think of for any of those losses except for piss poor decisions by the coaching staff . It was totally frustrating seeing this team go into a "play not to lose" mode rather than a "play to win " mantra .

I honestly can't remember one game from last year when the team was ahead and went for the kill shot to put the final dagger in their opponent .

As an example in those three games I mentioned above , one more TD in any one of them would've been all they needed to assure victory but what did this team do ? They went into the "lets play it safe mode" and allowed their opponent to stick around and slowly chisel away at their lead .

Let's face it , their record was 8 - 6 , it should've been at worst 10 - 4 or possibly better with decent kicking . They should've finished in 1rst and lastly had really no excuse to lose a home Grey Cup game when they had a two score lead halfway thru the 4th quarter .

Okay , upon further review....

Rant Over !

TO - Patlynch -

I'll try to explain my comment you asked about - I felt Steinhauer dropped the ball by not making the changes he needed to make earlier in the season. No team, that I can recall, ever won with a 2 QB system and by allowing both QBs to overlook and to IGNORE their #1 offensive threat (Banks). Banks was injured for a short period of time, but it wasn't until the last couple of games that he scored his first points! To me this was totally ridiculous and the head coach should have stepped in long before to get things back on track - Orlando didn't. As a result, the Ti-Cats lost both Masoli and Banks in the off season and didn't get a darn thing for them in return! The more I think about it, the more angry I get - sure make "O" the president - give any title you want - but the bottom line is - did he bring home the Cup? If the answer is no, then that should explain my comment about him dropping the ball. This was the year for the Cats - and it didn't happen - it should have.

I can not decide if the Cats have improved or not and I would love to see a repeat of the 2013 Grey Cup, Riders/Ti-Cats. But, it all comes down to beating the Bombers and I do believe the Bombers are a slight tad weaker than they were the last two years. Hope is in line for a possible new Grey Cup Champ.....Just Maybe. :crossed_fingers:

Tom Wilkinson and Warren Moon
Condredge Holloway and Tom Clements

Winning a Championship with 2 QBs can be done

Just to add to the list...these are just off the top of my head .

Sonny Wade and Joe Barnes...Montreal 1977
Condredge Holloway and Joe Barnes...Toronto 1983
Matt Dunigan and Damon Allen...Edmonton 1987

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Some of you forgot about the most important "qualifier" to my comment - that being - did the winning 2QBs that were mentioned become successful while they ignored their #1 offensive threat? No, I don't think so either. Plus the 5 winning examples mentioned occurred over a period of about 20 years - certainly not a regular occurrence.

That 1987 squad had Dunigan, Allen & Tracy Ham on their roster - all of them won Cups in Edmonton, all of them took other teams to Cup wins, all of them in the top 10 all time passing leaders. Maybe never been a team with that talent @ QB at one time.

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Bernie and Joe. Hamilton will meet Sask and beat them 24 to 1 again.
But what's happening with Frankie Williams?

I certainly know what you meant stating a (2QB system), but I figured that statement would draw out people misinterpreting that, and it did. There is a difference between winning with 2 QBs that both find success on their own and running a 2QB (system) as an offensive scheme.

And I agree with you, although I think some of the blame could be put on Banks himself for seemingly being ignored, injury not withstanding.

The only QBs that come to mind for me that were comfortable with swapping in and out with their QB teammate were Joe Barnes, and maybe Danny McManus, though that could be debated as well. But certainly not a scheme most coaches or players like running over the long haul.

The two quarterbacks were a great luxury in Hamilton, last season, and I hope the Cats won't miss it much. However, the loss of Jealon Acklin may lead to an anemic offence for the Cats. Letting him go was insensitive and almost criminal in my opinion.

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