Upon Further Review: Edmonton Elks

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I don't know about bold...more like, having some fun. Given the Riders gave up near the most pass yards against in the CFL I "assume" that is the reason for some of the change in the backfield for DB position. Gainey has done a lot of trash talk since being released, and Jones has said that Fajardo is a sub par QB, not fit as a starter in the CFL. I think the Rider/Elks games will have a real edge to them this year.
Our Linebackers will help against the run. MJ will be missed and so will Woodard. My guess is the D-line is more impacted then the DB's. Our replacement players, Webb, Dearborn played well and with Evans being hurt at receiver and now healthy, Duke in for a full season and a slight upgrade to the O-line.. I feel the Rider Offense can make life tough on Gainey and Jones.
I read an article that season tickets in Edmonton were going well. That was good to hear. Sticking with Winnipeg and Riders one/two. Alberta fights it out for third.

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The Rider receivers, as a group, assuming both Evans & Moore are healthy, could be argued to be the best in the CFL. I have my doubts about the RB, RT & will have to see how well Fajardo does this year. Probably the old sophomore jinx but is he the real deal or is he Jonathan Jennings who had over 5,000 yds his 1st year as starter & went down from there? Can Maas take him to the next level. Jason, prior to the Riders, as an OC had Burris, Reilly & Harris, all established stars when he coached them. So there is that niggling little concern there although IMO Fajardo will bounce back. But, as we saw in BC, you can have great receivers & a great QB who led the league in passing yards but get sunk by the lack of a run game & so-so OL. On the whole, yeah, I can see Riders @ 2 or even. IMO 2 teams could surprise this year - Elks, as you say, should be improved. But Bombers could be a big surprise the other way.

Should read "can see Riders @ 2 or even 1". Oops

When CFL season ticket sales are so good they make the news I'm thinking someone's doing something right. Chris Jones gets all of the credit here. He's done everything from bringing in a boatload of new talent to changing the Elks' logo back to 'EE'. So far there's no reason to believe that by this season's end he'll have the team everyone will dread to play.

Breaking news - looks like Sergio Castillo has signed with Elks.

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He's a solid choice for kicker. No doubt about that. We couldn't afford him... I don't know how Chris Jones is going to hold on to all these high priced players but one thing is certain:

This year's edition of the Elks is already head and shoulders above last years sorry squad.

Maaax, you may be interested in this. 3DownNation pasted together each team's position vs the CAP, based upon a $5.3MM CAP. The Argos then are about 100K over the CAP & Bombers 10K (basically break even). Every one else is within the CAP with, in order, 3. Elks 4. TiCats 5. REDBLACKS 6. Stamps 7, Riders 8. Als 9. Lions. Only the latter 3 really have any money to spend at this point.

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