Upon Further Review: BC Lions

the lions o-line will be happy the “stove” being on their side. He absolutely destroyed Chungh and our centre on the same play last year. He is a beast and best addition

Thanks Maaax for the bbq instructions but I have been giving my shorts away for a few seasons now. Heavy medium rare so not much blood and still full of flavour lol.

This has to stop and it will stop in 2022. I’m almost outa shorts but thanks for hoping we see a good product on the field this year.

The RedBlacks didn’t fare too well last season by @$$uming 3 imports on the O-Line was some sure fire deal to make things better there; Campbell might be gullible enough to make that assumption though. Real tough TC competition should determine things, not pencilled-in B$. Knevel might be given a shot at OT or maybe he makes a solid OG. They need a way better, more applied run game, and Rourke’s outstanding mobility might help the O-Line a lot.

I believe the worst the Redblacks in 2021 ever got was playing 2 Americans and 1 Global on the Offensive Line. Obviously, that was not expected. They were putting guys just signed to the CFL into the lineup.

In preparation for a new season, Teams have a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, etc.. You cannot have uncertainly on the whole line and just see who looks best in training camp. Anyway, BC will definitely use 3 Americans on the OL with the Canadians probably being the Guards. The 3 Americans starting on the OL in Game #1 will almost certainly not be newcomers to the CFL. Most likely those imports were even with the Lions last year.

If they don’t bother upgrading the offensive line they will have another season much like 2019 and 2021. They didn’t bother going after offensive linemen that were available during free agency. So obviously they just didn’t think that the offensive line need upgrading for 2022.