Upgrading the Ticats via trades

As a keen observer friend of mine said to me yesterday,

To get some qualified starting American
defensive backs and receivers.

we may have to trade Canadian draft picks

In the long term, this will be
detrimental to us but....

we have to hit the ground running next year.

We have so many holes to fill

1st year recruits are very seldom CFL ready.

It would be easier for these recruits
to make the transition to the CFL

if we have some CFL-tested d-backs
playing along side these recruits
from the beginning of Training Camp

so that when we start the season,
these players feel less uptight
and much more comfortable.

I know for a fact that

when rookie d-back see
other DBs making mistakes

they worry that they may be
the next one to get burned.

This leads to pass interference penalties.

Now for the Offence...

The most important position
on any CFL team is quarterback.

We have Casey Printers,
big $$$$ enough said.

Our most important need now,
is at least one top receiver
who can really light it up.

The only pond I know of, that is
stocked with proven CFL receivers,

is the rosters of other CFL teams,

We have to fish in that pond
through trades or free agency.

End of story.

All good and valid points Ron but what scares me about improving via the trade route is the GM's past trading performance. The team does need more veteran CFL'ers but as a GM, I would assess the availability and quality of this year's free agent pool before I would look to upgrading the experience and hopefully, talent level primarily via the trade route.

isnt jason clermont a free agen after this season? Now it would be nice to see him in the black and gold

With this teams recent trade history in consideration I think its better to rely on the free agent market.

I believe he is back under contract with BC.

This GM does not trade well. If it's possible, it's safer to go with free agents. At least they don't cost you players or draft picks.

An Argo-Cat fan

I'm all for trading the #1 pick in the draft if it helps us get a #1 receiver or starting DB.

We have enough Canadian talent and high draft picks on this team already.

We need starters at receiver and DB with CFL experience.

I'm almost sure the #1 pick will be dealt by us to aquire another important piece of the puzzle.

I don't know about that. #1 pick in the draft is almost a guaranteed Canadian starter. Not worth trading that for an import anything in my mind.

The trade rout as stated above is very scary to me. Iam tired of making other other teams look good and making us the joke of the league.

Yes, but do you think vets want to come here considering how our franchise is perceived as a mess with a cold hearted dictator for a gm, plus these players have gone over the film and know all about how brutal our coaches are.

Generally speaking, in most sports, trading to improve is a losing game. Other teams won’t trade their top players, period. If they are offering to trade a top player it’s because they don’t think the top player is going to be a top player much longer. (unless the team is almost broke)

Taking a little longer and developing/finding your own talent is a better solution. Mind you a couple of good free agents never hurt. :wink:

Our two biggest areas of need are receiver and DB. We already have Ralph and Bauman (capable Canucks) at receiver. And when is the last time a CFL team drafted a Canadian DB at #1 who could step in right away and play corner?

Trade the #1 overall pick, Marcel. It makes sense.

Ron: Without major changes to the coaching staff it doesn't matter who you trade for.

I agree that we need to sign some import free agents, and also think trading draft picks for players is a good idea. I also agree that we need to pick up some DBs, and a receiver.

Usually the first picks in the draft are for receivers, or for O-Lineman. These are the prototypical Canadian top draft choices. After having early draft choices the past few years, these are not positions we need to bolster. We have Bauman, French, Ralph, Gagne-Marcoux, Dyakowski, Hage, and Ince. This is plenty of depth in this area.

So why not trade up some potential for proven vets. We can't really get burnt too badly when trading for draft picks, but as with any trades, the deal has to be right to pull the trigger.


The only thing that worries me about trading the #1 pick for a receiver or DB is that we would undoubtedly have to trade a starter with that pick. If that starter is Radelein or Piercy, I'm ok with it. If that starter is Dyakowski, Gagne-Marcoux, Bauman or Bekasiak, I'm not so ok with it...unless we get Geroy Simon or Arland Bruce in the deal, of course.

Ron - what's wrong with your computer? Your posting takes up half the page!!
You have three words on a line then a space.

As for trades, I think the offence is almost set. Maybe another receiver that's it. The defence needs a cople of good DBs that for srure.

I'd grab another receiver with the #1 if there is a good fast one out there. Think of the possibilities if you could start three or maybe even four Canadian receivers. Opens up a world of possibilities for imports elsewhere in the line-up.

Who would the #1 eligible receiver be? Anyone know? (i.e. is there a new Fantuz or Bauman out there, who would be ready to start right away if drafted?)

I know what you're saying and I agree with you but there are selling points too. The first is obviously money but you can sweeten it by adding a year or two to the contract, including a no-trade clause, etc. There are intangibles too like how much does a guy like Clermont want to play with KP? Some guys will want to play closer to home. Wine and dine the elite guys, bring them to town, have BY meet them--show them that the organization wants them.

KP could've gone to any team in the league but he signed with the Cats. Apart from the money, I'm sure playing time factored into his decision.

I'm really uncomfortable with Desjardin's trading track record. He gets fleeced more often than not. There will likely be some decent free agents in the off season as guys play out contracts and teams re-adjust payrolls and release players for year 2 under the SMS. I hope Desjardins goes after 3-4 aggressively. I'm also hoping that his scouts are doing a good job watching the CIS and south of the border.

An Argo-Cat fan

Trading draft picks for players we were too slack to find ourselves tells you something.

It tells you we are the Maple Leafs of the CFL.

They traded away all their draft picks and young players .....real dumb !

Find good young players and keep them ,end of story.