Upgrades to the Stadium in Regina

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Looks like change is coming there too.

I hope they get a new stadium, if Winnipeg is getting one, Regina should get one too.


The only way to go is new. With the space limitations on the East Side, the only way to add seating capacity is end zones, which means a bigger number of poor seats.

Plus, you still haven't addressed the locker room, office space, the Store and training facility inadequacies, that I don't a retrofit can really address. Toss in the shortage of bathrooms and concessions (I know they can make more, but that would leave even less space underneath which is packed already), and the total absence of quality corporate suites and VIP areas (both of which are great sources of revenue) - I don't see how a retrofit comes even close to accomplishing the task.

Rogers/MLSE should be playing the NFL game in Regina, eh boys and girls there? What do you think? After all, probably the best football fans in Canada. :cowboy:

It is crazy to even talk about spending over 100 million to retrofit the stadium. Putting lipstick on a pig doesn't change the fact it is a pig. I love Taylor Field. But it has served its purpose. New Taylor Field should be built beside the existing stadium (I don't know whether the logistics and costs would allow the same site, but likely not) as part of a greater refurbishing of a neighbourhood that desperately needs a face lift.

Somewhere around 1979 I was part of a crew that moved a block of houses to another part of the city in order to make room for upgrades to Taylor Field.

I don't know the situation now but would it be possible to do that again?

Probably, and that may address adding quality seating, but even at that, you've still got all of the other issues in my earlier post. Plus, if you're dislocating people to retro-fit - do like Arius said and dislocate people to create enough space to build a new stadium right beside TF. Then when you're done, you can implode TF and make parking space.

Spending 100 mil on upgrades seems utterly foolish to me. Just go the whole nine yards so to speak and built a new stadium, it probably wouldn’t cost all that much more and the stadium would be good for many years to come with no further $ being spent on more upgrades in a few years time again.

I hope they go for a new stadium myself.There is just no room to add extra seats at mosaic.I was looking at the city map and I came across a couple options for a new stadium oneis west of Courtney street.There is a huge open field that would give the desingers of a new staduim plenty of room to work with.The other option is is out north where its currently grownig like crazy.Just like the west of courtney street idead huge open field so the designers wouldn't be limited for space.When you think it about it they have to build new somewhere else so the riders will at least have somewhere to play until the new stadium if it comes to being is finished.

Are you an Alaskan hockey mom too :wink:

Anyways no doubt on the new stadium, get it done F that 100 million 'upgrade' Winnipeg WAS planning on using the stadium for 09 while construction on the new one finished for '10, so it is a viable option to keep TF where it's at and have construction.

A new stadium would be a project to re-vitalize the core and be a major activity hub. It would need to either be downtown or possibly within the confines of Wascana park facilities.

A new stadium would be a year-round stadium and conference center. Either we get a domed stadium somewhere near the core, or we re-build our open-air stadium right where it is ( and call it a retrofit ).

Considering the new stadium carries a $300M price tag, and retrofits looking at a $100M price tag, we also have to consider if it's really something we're interested in spending the money on.

This person pretty much said what I was going to. It just seems incredibly dumb to spend so much money on a fancy upgrade. Just build a new one.

Just to re-hash the old debate.

  1. The economy of Regina is booming. Construction costs are off the charts. Now is not the best time.

  2. Any new stadium would need to be a year-round dome, and be able to hold 50k for a Grey Cup. That costs a lot and would only see capacity once every 10 years. Horrible football environment that would outrage fans. The idea would never pass through the channels before being shot down.

  3. A retrofit is not a minor upgrade. It's a major project, leaving us with a mostly new facility. It's not the $5.8M in repairs, but something much larger in scope. It would leave us with a mostly new facility that would be both marked with tradition and modern in it's amenities, meeting our current and future needs for at least the next decade or two.

To re-iterate:

"If you build it they will come" did not work for BC, Montreal, Toronto, and Edmonton.

One of the problems with the current location is the fact that it's in a residential neighborhood. That's one reason there's been a problem drawing concerts - noise by-law. In the summer it stays late till well after 10:00, and if you can't have noise past 11:00, then you're forced to have a concert in the daylight. May not be an issue for some bands, but it would be for most. Wen the stones played there 2 years ago, it was early October so it was dark by 7:00, and the stones were able to wind things up by around 10:30. But it would be best to have concerts in the summer!!

Alright, touche.

A question for Bomber fans. I thought the feds were donating $40M or $80M to Asper's new stadium in Winnipeg. But the Leader Post article says there is no federal funding for that project. Is that true?

Remember, if it's too nice or maybe big is the right word, then everyone thinks the NFL is coming and forgets the CFL. Problems as we have seen.

Moving it out west of courtney st does not make sense from a transportation nor infrastructure point of view. Sure I would love a new stadium, and heck indoors removable roof makes sense to me, but can anyone point to a recently built stadium of this type that cost less than $500 million?

There is room at the existing facility to build extra seats, new offices, etc. Yes corporate boxes make money, but how much more than the team already gets from these corporations? Heck places like Saskpower are already game day sponsors, are they really going to put that much more money into the team?

Heck does even $100 million make sense for a facility that has such limited use? The Rams are moving to the University, a handful of highschool games are played there with only a few hundred people coming out. A new facility that can only be used for half the year makes no sense. How many more seats do we really need?

If the Rams leave, Hopson has said he'll pull the 50/50 from them. They need the leverage to move it from the $5.8M repairs to the $100M retrofit.

And, it's less about the extra seats, and more about the concession / washroom / office / store / weightroom facilities, that are currently inadequate. The seats could use upgrading as well. Moulded plastic is an upgrade over the wooden benches.

Well considering that the Rams have already announced that they are leaving and have been upgrading their facilities, I think it is a done deal.

Look at the plan the Riders put out 3 years or so ago, by building in the Tron area enzone parking lot, the team can get most of what they want in offices, training and boxes. The concession area's under that stand can be easily renovated.

Give me a wooden bench any day over those awful molded plastic seats.