Upgrades to BC Place so far...

I was at the car show last night and got a peak of what has been done. The washrooms are hardly much different. A coat of paint, new tiles on the floor and new fixtures. Basically they did after 25 years what should get done every 10.
All the suites and media boxes have all been ripped out as have a few rows of seats where the club seats will go. A bunch of the fans and similar equipment have been ripped out. But really when you consider how much time is left before the first game, they still have a lot to do. Or they are going to try to squeeze it in between games which would be really bad idea.

Wow had a look yesterday and the concourses are really getting ripped up; new flooring, new washroom signs, new tiling and painting, new concession stands, new signs outside the stadium, cranes taking equipment up to the roof

Some seats on the Upper level have been removed

I guess we'll get a good look at the "Progress" in a few weeks. Four more weeks until exhibition starts!

Has anyone seen the huge 25 foot deep hole they’re digging at center floor for the Olympic Flame?

Seriously? I didn't hear about that, got any pics?

Any idea what the new capacity will be with the retractable roof as well. I did read they had to remove 2,000 regular seats to make way for the club seats.

How good is it going to be for the 2011 home opener with the roof open. :slight_smile:

Even if they lose 2000 seats, that will only really make a difference on western finals and Grey Cups. And yeah, the '11 season opener is going to srsly pwn. :rockin:

I don't think it much matters if the seating is reduced from 60,000 to 58,000.

The Lions can barely crack 35,000 for a regular season game.

Ideally, BC Place would have about a 40,0000 configuration with the ability to add 10,0000 seats for a Grey Cup game. I do think we will regular season crowds in the mid-40s at the start of the 2011 season.

2008 Attendance

Fri Jul 04.. Saskatchewan 26 BC 16 10:00 PM 33,813
Fri Jul 18....... Winnipeg 18 BC 27 10:00 PM 37,174
Fri Jul 25........ Montreal 34 BC 36 10:00 PM 30,132
Fri Aug 08..... Edmonton 34 BC 40 10:30 PM 30,863
Fri Aug 22......... Calgary 36 BC 29 10:30 PM 34,221
Sat Sep 13 Saskatchewan 23 BC 28 10:00 PM 38,608
Sat Sep 27...... Hamilton 10 BC 40 10:00 PM 31,161
Fri Oct 10...... Edmonton 27 BC 20 10:30 PM 34,778
Sat Oct 25........ Toronto 32 BC 55 10:00 PM 35,994

2008 Regular Season Average: @ 34082
2007 Regular Season Average: @ 32456
2006 Regular Season Average: @ 31189
2005 Regular Season Average: @ 32614 (11 game win streak to start season and grey cup hosts)

Attendance was very strong last year, having not gone below the 30,000 mark once (save the pre-season) and going past 34,000 five times out of nine. With more sections in the upper bowl being opened up, coupled with the renovations, I'm thinking it'll just keep increasing as more and more fans jump on board.

Just wait til the start of the 2010 season with the roof open!

It's the 2011 season for the new roof, not 2010.

100,000 more seats?
That'd be awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

100,000, they must have that technology where you can like sit in an alternate dimension and fill bc place.

They copied Air Canada. To fit more people in, you just sit on somebody else's lap. Its not tight, its cozy and intimate.

I think fans attending events at the stadium will appreciate the changes in a positive manner.What I am impressed about is the signage that directs patrons to their seats.Huge signs clearly indicate the sections.FYI Section 248 indicates level 2,section 48.As well,each section has large signs that direct fans to their seat.FYI seats 1 to appr.10 are on the RIGHT side.Seats 101 to appr. 110 are on the LEFT side.No more confusion for fans,and it makes my job easier in assisting the fans.Another bonus is the sliding doors on Level 2 to assist the disabled fans in wheelchairs.Washrooms on Level 2 have been upgraded with new tile,large signage.The men's washrooms on Level 2 have one large circular sink in the middle to enable fans to wash their hands and get back to the event they are viewing.The red club seats are comfortable to sit in,as well.For those fans viewing events from the suites on Level 3,I think they will be impressed by the new flat screen tables,carpets,counters,and comfortable seats on the balcony of the suites.They are like sitting in Lazy-boy chairs.I was impressed by the wood paneling,also.Happy to see a lot of the concrete disappear.And did I forget to mention the clean blue seats ,and floors on Level 2?I think fans will appreciate the cleanliness of the newly revamped concession stands & beer stands.I hope fans enjoy the changes at the stadium as much as I do.

The floor is clean? Nooooo! I'll have to see that on tuesday with my own eyes to believe that.

BC Place could be closed for 2010 season.

Lions only play one home game in October and that no doubt has to do with construction going on:

[url=http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/2010wintergames/Lions+return+original+site+Empire+Stadium/1723001/story.html]http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/2010 ... story.html[/url]

I was reading they may have to construct a temporary facility at the old Empire Stadium site for some games. Actually this could be sort of interesting in a way, reliving some past memories for some long time fans while ushering in a new era of Lions football at the renovated stadium. Have to see the positives of this.

This is only an idea being bantered around.

There is no other facility to handle that size of crowd. Gary Kingston is usually a decent writer. Must be auditioning for the National Enquirer.

Fact is, during installattions, instead one game rotations like one home game; one road game, two home games; two road games, the Lions may in fact have to play four or five games on the road, and then get a lengthy Home stand at either the front end or back end of the schedule. That is not a secret, that possibility was announced when the renovations were announced.

I think this is a worse case scenerio. Its being flogged in the media by the CFL haters. Even though the Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver Province are owned by the same corporation, the Sun barely covers the CFL while the Province is a big supporter.

I think the Sun is doing a little bit of fear mongering.

I expect the Sun to announce a series of NFL games starting in 2012 after the new roof! :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: