Upgrade needed

Everyone talks about improving the CFL.
But I guess so stressed listening to the TSN commentators.

Forde & Black ===== Are the worst (Black needs to go)
Cuthbert & Suitor === Passable (at least they have some game knowledge)
Rob Smith ========Please zero charisma (should replace Black)
Dunnigan, Climie, Stegall =====Not Bad
Sanchez, Burris ====The best
Kate Beirness =====Should replace Rob Smith
Sara Olesky ====== Waste of talent not used properly
Barker ========= Very good knowledgeable & offers good insight

The ball is now in TSN’s court … But as we all know nothing will change

Stegall === Worst IMO

Dunnigan in the Best group.

Best combo, Dunnigan, Burris, Climie

would love to see Schultz back in place of Milt.

When Kate is with the panel, she comes across to me as trying too hard. Maybe just needs more experience.

Maybe try Barker as color commentator

Black - not great, but I like his enthusiasm.
Forde - no problem with him.
Cuthbert - fine.
Suitor - wearing thin on me.
Smith - okay in studio. Would not mind him calling a few more games.
Dunnigan - like him doing color.
Climie - talks like he has marbles in his mouth.
Stegall - take or leave it.
Sanchez and Burris - too new
Beirness - cannot evaluate her since I never see her on the replays.
Olesky - takes too long to finish her segment. (To be fair, that is true of all sideline reporters.)
Barker - slicked hairstyle and was taught to wave his hand in an unnatural manner that makes you think he is not comfortable in front of the camera. At least you could tolerate listening to him, unlike Paul LaPolice.