Updating the Roster and Depth Chart

If the Lions are going to have a web site, they should keep it up-to-date. The depth chart hasn't been updated since the first game. It still shows Clermont and Simmons and doesnt show Pikula, Foley, or Craigs. Ii also understand that Glover is replacing Young as starting cornerback. Keep it up-to-date!!

Simmons and Clermont are both still on the team, and im sure they will add Pikula, Craiggs and who ever your worried about not being on there

I’m just saying that if someone is put on the injured roster or practice roster, they should be taken off the depth chart and new additions should be added.

.....big al or bi gal?.....just curious....

This message is for "Red and White." Comments like that are uncalled for. I would like to say what I think of you, but it isn't appropriate in this forumn. As far as the roster and depth chart, I am glad to see that it is being kept up-to-date. I also like the new format of the BC Lions site.

The stats for the Winnipeg game are wrong, they didn't count the interceptions for Johnson and Miles.