Updated user menu

you will notice a new updated user notification menu in both desktop and mobile views (the drop-down menu when you click/tap your avatar in the top right corner). it's laid out a bit differently with the tabs on the sides and a new tab for other notifications. otherwise it works the same way. the old one is being phased out and eventually not supported.

I don’t know if anyone else has the same problem but I think your change has caused a glitch.

When I return from being off of the forum for a while as is the case today, when I hit my avatar to check out my notifications they are usually full so I then hit the down arrow at the bottom left to expand the drop down menu. This no longer works well (taking minutes) or in many cases at all.

Otherwise like the changes.

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hmm. ok. this user menu isn't even that new of Discourse feature. it just wasn't enabled on our forum. i will test it in mobile view.

update: i just tried it a few times in mobile view and it worked instantly (the down arrow button link to the notifications profile page). very strange.

just to be sure it's not a version conflict, click/tap forums.cfl.ca to refresh your cookie.

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I only have cookies at the office.

Yes it works now thanks although the red circled notifications for likes on the new right side menu won’t go away even though the likes have been viewed.

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yea i'm still working on that... *makes grunting noises while turning a wrench and bangs her head on the muffler

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