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You mean that team who beat you?

yeah, that one but we beat them so... call it a draw? :mrgreen:

He's right Winnipeg should not be last. They handed Ottawa's asses to them. Ottawa last, Winnipeg 8th, Hamilton 7.

It is sportsnet what do you expect!

Actually I agree with his ranking other than Ottawa not being last. You can't count the fluke wins vs Sask when we had 9 starters out and Nealon was struggling after the TO game. Winnipeg and Hamilton beat Ottawa, so Ottawa is last giving their losing streak and the Hamilton thumping over Edmonton.

Geez, you dont have to be a knob about it DG, but since you have then your ranking sucks, not that I give a FF anyway, but the bombers beat the gades twice and split with hammer who they still have more wins then, so they should be in 7th with hammer in 8th for their big win over EE and the gades in 9th since they havnt won since August…

and who, exactly, is winnipeg gonna beat in thier remaining 4 games to move outta the basement????...NOONE....4 wins is the most they're gonna get ALL SEASON....hahahahahahahahahahahaha

if hamilton loses to ottawa this week, then i'll put hamilton to the bottom JUST FOR U, cuz i know its eating u up inside!

Winnipeg beat Ottawa in both games. Ottawa should be last drumming_god...

the loser of ottawa vs hamilton willl fall to 9th next week.

in all likelyhood, winnipegs gonna add to thier league-leading 10th loss this weekend!

But they aren’t 2-3, they are 5-0 over the stretch. You can’t argue that beating BC, TOR, EDM isn’t a greater feat than beating teams like banged-up Calgary, Winnipeg and Ottawa.

I think these Power Rankings are pretty fair, but like many out there, I am looking forward to this weekends game with the Riders/Als.

You're right, GTG, I can't argue it. That was not my point. My point was that while the Riders have looked somewhat shaky during their past five games, other teams have not - at least not to the same degree. Yes they've improved, but IMO they are not worthy of a second-place ranking.

I can respect your opinion, but I disagree about them looking shaky. The defense has been outstanding throughout the five games and Special teams, even McCallum’s field goal kicking, has been as good as ever. The offense certainly isn’t the best in the leauge, but they are getting the job done. The running game, with the exception of the last game, has been strong.

Who do you think should be second? Either way, it is nice that the Riders are at least playing well enough to have this debate in the first place. This weekend will hopefully settle the debate. Good luck to your team.

GTG - my team is your team. :smiley:

Well then, here's to us this weekend!

heres TSN's updated PR....almost the exact same as mine, but i had sask and toronto switched.


Nice rankings. I agree that Saskatchewan and Montreal should be left to sort themselves out. And the sixth Rider win in a row will do that. It's nice to see other teams fighting it out to not be ranked last. As for the Riders looking shakey, 5 straight wins looks pretty solid to me. I'll take a shakey looking win over a solid looking loss any day.

IF the Riders beat Montreal, THEN I'd put them second. I think Montreal is looking like the strongest team right now, thanks to the Don not giving up on their all or nothing strategy. However, if the Riders find a way to shut them down then obviously they have what it takes to get it done agianst any team in the league... regardless of how close or shaky-looking of a fashion they do it in.

jm02 - I agree with you. It's nice to see the Riders winning, but the way they have been winning is not the greatest. Relying on blocked field goals is not going to cut it much longer. The defense actually scored just as many points as the offense did in the last game. If the offense could start making something happen, the scores will not be so close. Here's to hoping that the Riders finish in 2nd and the Eskies have to come to Taylor field for the West Semi. That would be one hell of a party, and I would be tempted to make the trip from Edmonton to Regina to be there for it.

I don't see why you move Montreal up to second when recently they have only beaten Ottawa and Winnipeg, the basement teams, and then Calgary with a 3rd string QB. They haven't proved anything yet really so this game at Taylor Field comes at the right time. If Sask wins, there is no choice but to acknowledge the Riders as a legitimate contender.

And for the way we have been winning -- well we have heard from the Lions fans so many times, especially after last year's Calgary and Sask games where they were handed the Ws on a silver platter by the refs, it doesn't matter how you win as long as you win.