UPDATED*Pics from camp ( May 23rd ) and pics from May 30th

( tony miles on lower right, with r.j. soward on his left )

Kieth Stokes . but told me hes going back to #3

Levingston is playing Defence this year


Nice pics DG. Good luck to Damon Allen, I hope he as another stellar season(and hopefully injury free).


Excellent pics! :thup:

Arland Bruce

Bash Levingston



Ricky Willaims

Rickys Autograph

Tony Miles

Robert Baker

r j soward

Kieth Stokes ( going back to #3 )


Spergeon Wynn

Excellent Photos DG

those photos are hilarious, these guys think they are some bigtime ballers/rappers

I thought the bigtime Ballers/rappers wore lots of Blingidy Blang to practice.. Iced out watches and chains and shizz. Wynns got on a plastic watch lol. Baker looks like he's trying to represent but still that watch looks like metal with no ice and don't know if that's a diamond in his ear of just zircon it is the cfl after all.

Glad to see williams27 is polluting the Argo forum with his presence as well.

At least his nick is self-expiring at the end of the season.