updated NEWS on SASKATCHEWAN firing --

Talked to someone close to the situation and it isn't pretty.

After the game Roy praised the players saying they should be happy to show appreciation of Danny and him, and praised the players efforts not allowing the board to get the wish of firing Danny Barrett.

Today the board heard of Roys comments and voted to fire him as they want to clean up the act of all of the football operation department.

I heard that players are upset, and a rumour circulated that if they fire Danny Barrett during the season and are still in playoff contention, some players told the board that they will walk out and not sign for next season and opt for free agency.

Roy Shivers will still get paid through the season.

actually as the artical has stated..."The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced Monday that the team has released General Manager and Director of Football Operations Roy Shivers from his contract effective immediately"...i think that means he will not be getting paid? :? go start a rumour that already hasn't been proven

I don't kmow much about contracts in the CFL but I would suggest that "released from his contract" would require some type of monetary agreement between the team and Roy.

Gee, and Sask won their last game too. Can you imagine if they'd lost to the Cats last game? Shivers would've been banished to.....horrors....Hamilton!!

An Argo fan

He is getting paid for the remaining months of his contract.