Updated Naming Poll

With a beautiful new stadium and a great ownership group the team deserves a new name.

I can see the attraction of a new name and the tradional past. A name that is linked to Ottawa and the area.

Sorry but names like the "Riflemen" or "Generals" are kind of lame - just like the suggestion to link to the old name for Ottawa - Bytown .............."By Boys" or "By Men" or maybe the "Bi-men" could be for the bilingual aspect of Ottawa and By town, but I just can't see that name working either.

Has to be a catchy modern one word name like "The Crunch" "The Platoon"

yes that’s funny! the By-Men
But seriously the names suggested above are pretty lame - Statllions, Riflemen…Royals?? this is the 21st century and team names should be exciting after all this is a football team not Womens Hockey.

I agree with something like “The Battalion” “Black Death” “Thunder” we may get the Tiger Cats so we could just change the name to …“Wild Cats”


I think you guys might be cheering for the wrong league. Try this one:


Team names include the "Mist", "Passion", and "Caliente".

Seriously though, non-plural nouns (Crunch, Blast, Black Death) just scream "expansion". There's nothing connecting the team to the city, no history, nothing to make the team uniquely "Ottawa". Teams without that connection are not going to inspire the fans, and won't have any staying power.

Personally, I can't stand the non-plural nouns. I have no idea what the point is. A team is a collective, the word describing it should be plural so as to distinguish a single member from the group as a whole. "Hi, I play for the Crunch..... I'm a... Crunch....-er....?" But if you absolutely MUST go that route, at least pick one that has some connection to Ottawa.

So why does it have to be connected to Ottawa?? There are no Tiger or Cats in Hamilton, The Argonauts have no connection to Toronto (it was the name of the rowing club), no Rough Rider in Regina, no Lions in Vancouver, Eskimos in Edmonton? Alouttes in Montreal? Most NHL team names have no connection to the cities. Baseball teams have absolutelly no connection. Raptors in Toronto??? maybe Canada Geese. If you want some type of historical name maybe you could name them after the first people in the Ottawa area, but it wouldn't be politically correct - doubt that names like "Redskins" or the "Indians" would go down too well.

It's a new century with a new generation of fans they want something tough and catchy that they can identify with - not named after some historical event or person or people.

I'm 25. I can tell you with certainty that people my age and younger do not like the stupid "XFL" style names.

Xtreme, Lightning, Thunder, Magic etc., are all terrible. Old guys choose these names because they think young people like them. We do not.

Look at how popular retro uniforms are with you. Try it. Walk down the street, and look at what the kids are wearing. Retro. Retro Expos, Blue Jays, Brewers, Nordiques, Whalers, Winnipeg Jets etc.

Or other teams that are popular: Yankees, Red Sox, Canadiens, Maple Leafs etc. what do they have in common? Retro look, and team history. Why is anybody surprised you don't see San Antonio Spurs gear around? They are a tremendously successful team with many championships in the last decade or so. Shouldn't the kids want to wear it, it is a winning team with an updated logo. NOPE. Young people like simple retro looking uniforms, with a team history.

I wish old people would stop telling us young people what we like.

Myself, and everybody I've spoken with around my age, want the Rough Riders back. With Black (or white) jerseys, with white (or black) lettering, and that beautiful big white "R" on a black helmet! With red trim throughout the uniform. Just beautiful!

Hamilton: The result of a merger between two football clubs; the tigers and the wildcats. Actually, going with the hybrid name rather than a new one (Hamilton Xtreemerz, anyone?) shows a commitment to the history of the clubs.

Toronto: Like you said, used to be a rowing club. It's one of the cherished aspects of the clubs history, and they mention it frequently.

Regina: I'm no expert, but I believe the name comes from an all-Canadian regiment who served with Teddy Roosavelt. I'm sure I butchered that, but there is a historical connection.

Vancouver: Actually, there ARE lions in BC. They're called "Mountain Lions", and its why the lion on the logo doesn't have a mane.

Eskimoes: Can't help you there.

Montreal: I'm sure the history of the "Alouettes" name, which goes all the way back to 1872, was a big reason the transplanted Baltimore Stallions chose it for their new team in 1996. Seems to have worked out just fine.

Toronto Raptors: Jurassic Park came out that year... an unfortunate coincidence. However, the team now regularly adopts the "Huskies" name for retro games. The Toronto Huskies played in the first ever NBA game against the New York Knicks, in Maple Leaf Gardens, I believe.

I think the corporate boardrooms of these expansion USFL, UFL, AFL, AFL2, etc etc etc have been trying to go "tough, catchy, and edgy" for decades and it hasn't worked out. Where there's an interesting history available, teams should capitalize on it.

Isn't Edmonton nicknamed "Klondike City"? That might explain the Eskimos nickname.

But that doesn't explain the Eskimo nickname. It's like calling a team "Redskins" or "Indians" or "Black Hawks" It didn't matter years ago that you can name a professional team after Indians or Eskimos. In fact there is a movement in Edmonton to re-name the team - probalby the Edmonton Inuits

Yes I know the history of the Tiger Cats but it still doesn't explain the connection to Hamilton - Tigers or Wild Cats. A name closely linked to Hamilton would be the "Steelers"

The Rough Rider name in Ottawa does go back to "loggers" that were on the Ottawa River - they were called "Rough Riders"
no connection to Teddy Roosevelts Roughriders in Regina.
With the amount of Coyotes roaming the suburbs of Ottawa they could call the team "Coyotes"

The CFL doesn't have any asinine names since CFL USA folded.
Let's keep it that way. I agree with the previous posters, no "Bytown Brigade" "Ottawa Outrage" garbage. That's totally bush.
Every single team has a classy team name. Personally I like it when the team name ties in to the location. It doesn't have to, but there nothing worse than generic, vanilla names.

There needs to be logic.

Montreal Stampeders?
Edmonton Argonauts?
BC Alouettes?

Pretty much every team name has a connotation to it's location.

Definatly not the Rough Riders, I cannot fathom on how unproffesional our leauge will look if we have 2 Roughriders (Rough Riders) despite there different meanings no average joe would know that if they didn't follow CFL and probably end up bashing us, if the CFL has half a brain they WON'T use the old name of "Rough Riders" for the team of Ottawa

Who cares whether they bash us or not. The fans that love the CFL will still come out to the games, we just don't change names because the CFL bashers don't like it!! these guys wouldn't come to a CFL game any way. Just be proud of the two names.
Besides there are two teams in the NFL with the same name.......................NEW YORK!! and they don't even play in New York how crazy is that.

Even better, there are 2 teams in the SEC called the Tigers (LSU and Auburn), and ANOTHER 2 teams called the Bulldogs (Georgia and Mississippi State). Plus, the SEC is always one of the top NCAA conferences and is revered by American fans. So anyone bashing the CFL for two teams being named the Rough(_)riders should also take a look at the SEC.

…and how many soccer teams in the UK called “United”…lol
Do you think they care what anyone thinks about that.

The negative comments about the CFL usually come from CANADIAN NFL fans in Canada not by Americans. You can change rules, change names, argue with them about the excitement of the Canadian game but the CFL Bashers are CANADIANS that love their NFL AND will never switch their interests to CFL football, so why would we bow to pressure from them?

I still like the Sovereigns, in keeping with the regal nature of the captial or the Red Hawks, taken from the Red Tailed Hawk, common to the area. :cowboy:

So are earwigs. :wink:

Actually, maybe that's more appropriate since those damn things just won't stay dead either... :thup:

"Sovereingns" ??? ??? kind of lame, you might as well name them after some soccer team like "United" or "City"

But if it's not going to be the "Rough Riders" then come up with some exciting modern name.
There will probably be naming contests in the next couple of years.

I Agree , what's up with these terrible names? Sovereigns? RedCoats? We need some exciting modern names!!
The team should be running a naming contest and a public poll

Rough Riders is the best choice.

I fully support the team being named Ottawa Rough Riders.

I think the big white 'R' logo is the best in sports, and no matter what happens with the name, this logo MUST be retained. The 'R' logo should be non-negotiable.

I will re-iterate my support of the 'R' and maintain it should be the name.

However, if for whatever reason it is decided Ottawa will not go with the Rough Rider moniker, the 'R' must be retained.

I make this proposal:

If a legitimate effort fails with regards to naming the team Rough Riders, the new team name should be:

Ottawa Football Club. Ottawa FC.

Ottawa FC will retain the big 'R' logo and will be colloquially known as the 'Rough Rides' to fans inside the game. While officially being known as Ottawa FC.

This to me, this is the perfect compromise. Ottawa gets to retain the 'R' logo. Saskatchewan whiners (not all of you) no longer have a reason to cry. The team will still be un-officially known as Rough Riders; the 'R' logo makes sure of that.

AND, we respect Ottawa's proud football tradition, as the team was born in 1876 as the Ottawa Football Club.

Ok nerds and naysayers, I'm waiting for your modern, exciting suggestions??? :cowboy: