Updated Naming Poll

Given that the last poll disallowed certain names due to the submitters personal opinion, I have retained the teams with the most votes and added two others that have at times recieved popular support.


Woohoooo, "Riflemen" has cracked into one of these polls!

Hooray for "Riflemen"!

I voted for Rough Riders since that was their name since the adopted the name in 1898. And anything else wouldn't seem right.

Ravens - Would be stealing from Carleton University.
Royals - May piss of the five fans from Gatineau that would sport the team.
Renegades - I wouldn't hate and would be my second choice (unless they went with Ottawa Furry Beavers)
Rifleman - Kinda like the Washington Bullets, promotes Guns, not sure if it would be Political Correct in our nations capital.
Stallions - Nice name, but reminds me of the year the Grey cup went south, not sure if Fans want to remember that.

well thats my two cents....

I don’t think it promotes guns anymore than Remembrance Day promotes guns.

Yea Rough Riders, back to back Grey Cups in 68-69 and the last one in 76. Holly molly they beat the Sask. club to win their last two cups as well. :cowboy:

I am extremely doubtful that the Rough Riders name and trademark will be used in any fashion by this new franchise for any other purpose than to sell retro merchandise.

Too many reasons that the League and other franchises will resist it.

This type of retardation is why those who think a new name is going to be an automatic hit are wrong.

[b]The Ottawa Fat Cats[/b], the latest baseball venture for the city that will begin play next month in the Intercounty Baseball League, was introduced during a noon-hour press conference Wednesday at city hall.

City counselor Bob Monette, IBL commissioner Joe O'Neill and Bill MacKenzie, the team's first manager, were all on hand for the unveiling of the team name as well as the primary and secondary logos.

Also there was Duncan MacDonald of the Ottawa Stadium Group, who made the team a reality. MacDonald said that the 18-game home schedule the team will play at former Lynx Stadium is more about family and fun than it is about baseball.

"We believe that we'll be able to entertain and bring people in," MacDonald said. "We just want people to come out, have some fun and chuckle a little bit, and that's why we have the name."

The team begins play May 8 on the road and will open May 15 at home against Mississauga.

By the way, their mascot's name is Grape.

Rough Riders it is.

If you guys can't get Roughriders, I'm all for Riflemen as it is a nod to the veterans of our country, espcially in our nations capital. If Riflemen then gets knocked out for political reasons, I'm all for Rivermen as it still pays homage to what the original roughriders name represented. Roughriders of course takes precedence though.

rifleman works for me also.

here in wpg, we have a junior football team called the winnipeg rifles. i dont see the big deal with it.

besides guns dont kill people, people kill people.

Meh, I wouldn't want roughriders.

What I DO want is Rough Riders


Rifleman got my vote !

As for Rough Riders, didn't 1 group bought the rights from Chen a 1-2 years ago so they could use the name again ?

I voted for Rifleman. Anything but Rough Riders really…

What about the Ottawa Polar Bears or the Ottawa Hawks


So I was lurking outside the Bell theatre after the Lansdowne redevelopment presentation, and Jeff Hunt was giving an interview right beside me. The reporter asked about the name, and my ears perked right up. Here's what I remember:

  1. The group has done some polling about a team name, and might be revealing the findings to the media soon.

  2. Jeff Hunt is not sold on the Rough Rider name.

  3. Jeff's idea is to have a brand new name 364 days per year, but one a year to have a retro game where the team adopts the old rough rider name, colours, and uniform.

I suggest Riflemen, Jeff! :slight_smile:

That is some good news! I don't want this team to live in the past... But a retro game or two is great too. I think the Titans bust out the Oilers uniforms for retro games.

That has always been my feeling.
The team will not be named either the Renegades or Rough Riders.
They will be named something else.
Jeff Hunt is a smart man, by owning the name Rough Riders it allows him to sell merchandise to the nostalgic older generations, as well as make money of the new name.

Smooth business

If that comes to pass, I know this will not be popular with fellow Ottawa fans, but I say pull away altogether (for your "regular" name and look, I mean).

I find that people who call for a fresh start still hang on to the past. Slightly different name, probably starting with "R" and the same colours. To me, that has the effect of not only disappointing those who favour Rough Riders but reminding them of it constantly. Also, if so much of the past is valuable enough to be salvaged, then why do away with it at all? It seems illogical to me.

So go for a true fresh start. New name, colours, everything. It's either fresh or it isn't.

I do favour Rough Riders (not so much for myself but more from a brand-building standpoint) but I'll defer to Hunt's ability and experience. He may find that acquiring and using the RR name is just too big a burden.

If so, I'd want a variation on this, since one of the OSEG guys is involved:

[url=http://www.eastottawagenerals.ca/images/trinity_graphic.jpg]http://www.eastottawagenerals.ca/images ... raphic.jpg[/url] http://www.eastottawagenerals.ca/information.html

Rework the logo so you don't get sued by the Packers and go to town. Trinity has naming rights to the club anyway as a result of their sponsorship. They said they might change the Generals' name to whatever the pro team ends up being called. Well, just do it the other way around then. :thup:

Nice post. I like the name Generals. The only thing i hope, is that Ottawa keeps some form of black/red/white.
It says "Ottawa" to me. The Sens (both incarnation) have those colours, so do the football teams in the past.
I think one thing that's great about the CFL is the different and unique colours each team has. All bold and can't be mistaken with another team.