Updated Mock Draft

A week from the draft here is my updated mock, taking all of the NFL signings into consideration.

  1. Toronto Argonauts- Shomari Williams, LB Queens

  2. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Eddie Steele, DT Manitoba

  3. BC Lions- Corey Watson, WR Concordia

  4. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Joe Eppele, OL Washington State

  5. Calgary Stampeders- Rob Maver, P/K, Guelph

  6. Winnipeg Blue Bombers- Taurean Allen, DB Laurier

  7. Montreal Alouettes- Steven Turner, WR Bishops

  8. Toronto Argonauts- Shawn Gore, WR Bishops

  9. Edmonton Eskimos- Cory Greenwood, LB Concordia

  10. BC Lions- Joel Reinders, OL Waterloo

  11. Toronto Argonauts- Danny Watkins, OL Baylor

  12. Hamilton Tiger- Cats- Cauchy Muamba, DB St. Francis Xavier

  13. Calgary Stampeders- Kristian Matte, OL Concordia

  14. Montreal Alouettes- Joash Gesse, LB Montreal

  15. Montreal Alouettes- Anthony Woodson, RB Calgary

Seems pretty accurate to me.Ticat's will either go DB,DL or WR.If Maver is available however I can pretty much guarantee we'll take him at 12.

With the recent signings of CFL prospects by NFL teams,it becomes harder to predict the first two rounds of the upcoming CFL draft; nevertheless,here are my first 15 choices,not taking into consideration these signings.

1.Toronto. Shomari Williams-LB-Queen's
2.Saskatchewan. Joe Eppele-OT-Washington State
3.BC. Shawn Gore-WR- Bishop's
4.Saskatchewan. Cory Greenwoog- Concordia
5.Calgary. Rob Maver -K/P-Guelph
6.Winnipeg. Joash Gesse -LB- Montreal
7.Montreal. Taurean Allen - CB- Wilfrid Laurier
8.Toronto. Steven Turner-WR/RS-Bishop's
9.Edmonton. Eddie Steele - DT- Manitoba
10.BC. Danny Watkins-OT- Baylor
11.Toronto. Joel Reinders -OL-Waterloo
12.Hamilton.Cory Watson-WR- Concordia
13.Calgary, Kristian Matte-OL-Concordia
14.Montreal. J'Michael Deane -OL-Michigan State
15.Montreal. Anthony Woodson-RB/SB-Calgary


I hope you are right Chris I would love for the Eskimo's to get Greenwood. Personally I could see us getting Steele or Buicke in the second as we need D-Line help. If I had to add a wish list player I would love to snag Montoya in the third round. He has the potential to be another Blake Marshall style FB.

If the Riders are picking an OL at #4 because he’s the best player in the draft, they may as well try to trade down, as that’s not an area of need. With a starting NI corner, I can see them being interested in Allen. I don’t know if he’s a reach at #4 or not. You gotta think Wally’s thinking o-line…possibly Montreal for depth (I don’t know what they have beyond their starters, just that Chui and a couple others are 1-2 years from being done).

Montreal is likely thinking receiver. They are even younger and deeper than the Riders on Oline. They have Boise State five year starter and Dylan Steenbergen they picked 7th overhaul as well as Jourdain who played a couple games at centre last year. In other words they have 3 of the top young NI linesmen waiting for a spot.

This is an interesting year for the draft as all teams have different needs. You get a pretty good idea how the top two rounds are gonna go based on need this year.
Calgary : Place Kicker and Oline
BC: Oline
Edmonton: DL,Linebacker
Saskatchewan: Linebacker,
Winnipeg : Anybody who they think can start...!
Toronto: Kicker,Receiver,Linebacker,Oline
Montreal: Receiver,DB,Dline

You can probably add DL and DB to Sask's list, possibly even ahead of LB.

DL - at tackle at least, we could use a NI to spell both Chunky and Shologan. Yes, and import could spell Chunky, but a NI could spell either. There's no one real established at that backup spot right now.

At DE - I don't know, is there a pass rusher in this year's draft? If so, probably 6 of the teams in the league could use one.

DB - The loss of ED created a hole that I don't expect a NI rookie to fill, however we do start a NI corner on the field side. If you do that, you want a NI backup as well to minimize roster changes if/when he comes out. I'm not convinced we've got the perfect guy in that spot just yet.

At LB, with the signing of Simpson for the Mack spot, the starting 3 are set, with NI McCullough and imports Freeman and Stewart as backups, and Kit Jones as some sort of front 7 rover. We're not as thin at that spot as some have suggested. There's always room for a good NI LB for special teams, and at some point a replacement for Barrin and McCullough in the middle has to be groomed, but we're probably not thinking we need to get a starter in any LB spot out of the draft.