Updated list of 2022 CFL Division All-Stars

Didn't check the entire list, but I couldn't figure out why Boris Bede was the Eastern all-star kicker ahead of Seth Small. Glad they corrected that, anyway.

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Yup. Mistake duly corrected sir. :smiley:

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His mother probably calls him Stove. :grin:

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Probably. Just don't call his sister 'Easy Bake Oven'. The last guy who did that got roasted.


Or the Chip Cox position

I would say that they are like the SS in the NFL that we don't have in Canada.

I don't take these all star picks too seriously, especially since the fans had some influence on the selections.

Most of the criticisms I have read on this thread are well founded. No explanation as to how Rene (I am the most consistent kicker in the league except when it really counts) Paredes was picked over Whyte.

How does Calgary end up with the most all stars in the West? They were 1-5 against BC and Winnipeg and lost to Hamilton with second place and a playoff home game on the line. Where were these 11 all stars in those 7 games? I suspect that a lot of the stats were racked up in garbage time against inferior opposition. Logically Winnipeg should have the most all stars in the West and also the most all CFL players, which haven't been named yet.

And how does Hamilton get 11 all stars? They were in or near the basement much of the year and I don't see how playing good for 5 games or so at the end of the year should garner you more all stars than Toronto or Montreal. those teams played better for ,longer during the season and should be recognized accordingly. Hamilton's late season relative success may bode well for the playoffs but it should have little impact on regular season all star selections.

As to a Bomber slant, I agree that Winston Rose and Donald Rutledge should not be all stars and that they should have been removed from the original selections. Rutledge arguably had an all star first half of the season and although Rose has played better of late, he has looked lost out there in some games and has been beaten for numerous big plays. The difference between the best shut down DB in the league, Deatrick Nicholls, and Rose is glaring.

As to Bighill, I won't argue with that selection, although I understand why others may object based on stats. But just as I argued last year when Bighill won defensive MOP, stats aren't everything, especially tackles. The value of tackles depend on many different criteria. For a DB that is constantly beaten they are not so valuable. For a team that is on the field too much because of a poor offence the tackles stat can be misleading. Bighill won MOP last year with less tackles than several other players. Jefferson had something like 26 tackles the year he won it.

This year Bighill ran the defence and continued to call plays and was also playing hurt pretty much all year. It is no secret that the Bombers have lost more defensive starters, and many of their replacements, than any other team. The man I considered to be last year's defensive MOP, Jackson Jeffcoat, also played hurt all year and missed significant time. The best safety in the league, Brandon Alexander, missed most of the year. Bighill has been the only starting linebacker to suit up almost all year. If it wasn't for Jefferson (an outstanding continually disruptive year without Jeffcoat and the Stove to assist even though his stats won't show it either) and Nichols they would have been in real trouble. Yet Bighill managed to keep the defence performing well and Winnipeg gave up the fewest points in the league again. Certainly not on par with the generational defence of last year but if you don't think Winnipeg has the best overall defence in the league and would be the last choice of defences to try and score on in the second half and fourth quarter, then you haven't been paying attention for the last two seasons.

The man who runs the defence on the field is Bighill. I am not sure that any of the other worthy candidates for his all star spot could do all of the things he does and certainly none of them have his leadership skills, which is a pretty important component in rating the effectiveness of a player. It appears to me that the non fan voters recognized some of these things and made the right selection.


I like Richardson, Maaax, but right now the 2 best DT's in the West are Ceresna (10 sax, 4 FF, 31 DT's in 12 games) & Rose. Oakman may be the best in the league IMO. We can differ on that if you like - Richardson is good but he also plays mostly 4 man rush. Ceresna, in particular, played in 3 man formations much of the year.

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Maaax, please remember that Steve has not yet served his full one year sentence for leaving the Bombers and therefore must still be referred to as the "toaster oven" for a while longer. I do like your suggestion of Easy Bake Oven and we could have used that one too.


I wasn't going to mention that but now that you brought it up...
Ham(8-10) 11 picks -- BC (12-6) 4 picks
Of course they do play in the lEast.

Like you say it's all just talking points for us to kick around. I'm certainly not going to get too worked up about it.

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I'm on the panel for Richardson's sentence hearing this winter. If I can just raise another twenty bucks for Tim's Donuts and Coffee I should be able to bribe the other panel members into parolling him back to the Bombers in time for training camp. Wish me luck. :smiley: :+1:

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I wish you nothing of the sort (& you're not getting a thumbs up either.....Indeed!)

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In the end Justice and donuts will have spoken.

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You ignore the fact that individual stats trump team when it comes to individual awards & individual recognition for All-Star placements. There's no reason a team's achievements should dictate they get more placings. That should have ZERO impact on individual achievements.

Stats are there for a reason - to judge the performance between players. The MOP on D is almost always from the DL (more specifically a DE) & sacks is one of the most important factors. Or they come from the LB corps. And they win based largely on DT's for LB's. Your Mr. Bighill won in 2015 with 114 DT's, in 2018 with 105 DT's. In 2012 Sherritt set a record & won. Broken by Eliminian in 2014 with 143, in 2016 he had 129 & Alex Singleton won with 123 in 2017. There has been ONE DB that has won that award EVER - 9 of the last 10 winners were LB's. Prior to that there was a run of DE's. You entries this year are Lemon & Mauldin & guess what, they're there largely because of their sack totals. Just like receiving yds defines receivers & rushing yds defines RB's - those are crucial factors. Caleb Evans set a record for rushing TD's - sorry, not that important when it comes to rushing awards.

Bighill was playing hurt. Gosh. Rourke was hurt & that hurt his chances. Tough luck. Jefferson may only have had 24 tackles the year he won but had 12 sacks. Also an INT for 30 yds & 6 FF, close to a season record. Tackles for DE's don't hold as much weight as sacks - the nature of the position. Just like sacks aren't the main criteria for LB's.

You can bemoan the fact that a TEAM can win 15 games & not have the most All-Stars but guess what. The TiCats have won 15, the Stamps multiple times over the last decade have won 14 & 15 games & didn't automatically get the bulk of the selections. Just because the Bombers have a good DL doesn't mean that Jeffcoat, Sayles & Thomas are better than players on even, yes, very poor teams. The best safety in the league THIS year, Jon, can't be Alexander because he didn't "perform" in 13 games. So, no, he ISN'T the best safety in the league. 2021 is gone. New season. Sorry to inform.

Using your criteria that Stamps lost thrice to Bombers, well, Als as massive underdogs beat Bombers in their park. Give the MOP to Lewis, not Collaros based upon that. Hamilton has more players?? Didn't they take the Bombers to the shed? What's the problem here?

I have no real problem with the selections. Do I see any spot where a Bomber should replace, say, a Stampeder? No, not one. Sorry. Not trying to offend but it is what it is.
As usual, Jon, nice to chat. Haven't had much to debate in a while. Cheers. :sunglasses:

Like anybody with a brain believes this all star list after yesterday. No Sankey? Mario Alford the west nominee for top special teams player but is not on the all star team? Moncrief is when both Sankey and Larry Dean had better years? This league deserves better than this bumbling website and in game interview conducting too arrogant to care what their viewers think tsn as a main broadcaster.

One of my main points was that stats can be misleading, especially tackles. I didn’t think that was controversial. If stats are so important for your defensive players then perhaps Caleb was the best rusher. You seem to use them when it is convenient to support your choices and discard them when it is not, such as in the case of Evans. I don’t think they tell nearly the whole story across the board. If they did there would be no need to vote and we would just have the all stars named based on stats.

And sorry, in my opinion it is important how you play in big games. The Stamps players aren’t good enough to beat teams with a better record except once and that says a lot to me. I have already said that there are arguments on both sides so your position isn’t ridiculous, but neither is mine. One of the biggest oversights was naming Paredes over Whyte. No contest there and Whyte didn’t gas a couple of games with unclutch performances. Even Liegghio only gassed one game, the loss to Montreal.

And speaking of the Bombers two losses in meaningful games, it seems that you are expecting perfection. It’s better for them to lose to relative also rans. They did not lose a meaningful game to Calgary or BC. As mentioned Calgary players couldn’t win against Winnipeg and in the one meaningful game with BC Rourke was schooled by Zach and was down 21 before he remembered which league he was in. If the Bombers had lost to BC or Calgary I am sure you would be pointing that out. They can always be criticized for not being perfect, which is something no one said they would be. They were and are the best team and the champions until they lose. That has a lot to do with their players I would think. Amazing how they manage to do that with less all stars and numerous injuries.

And when I referred to Bighill being hurt it was used to illustrate just how well he played even though he was nowhere close to 100% virtually all season. If he had missed six games he wouldn’t be an all star. No argument there. Although I don’t think they keep stats that specific, I am guessing that he stopped more third and short yardage attempts than any other player in the league, which is the same as an IT or a FF in that it creates a turnover. That would be the plays where he puts on his cape and cowl and turns into the Human Missile.

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What do you expect when you allow fan voting?

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Fans aren't exactly noted for their objectivity. The word fan has it's roots from 'fanatic' so changing the term to 'fanatic voting' tells you what might happen.


Because Moncrief play at a different position then both guys. He’s there as CLB

No Alford for special teams. Seems strange given he was nominated as the wests mop at that position.


Chalk it up to fan votes