Updated list of 2022 CFL Division All-Stars

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Some notable improvements. I'll leave it at that.

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This was handled very poorly by the CFL. I am sure that the players involved don’t need this distraction while preparing for Divisional semi-finals and finals.


Changes: Initial -> Corrected

RB Andrew Harris -> AJ Ouellette
OG Dariusz Bladek -> Jacob Ruby
OT Philip Blake -> Landon Rice
DE Ja'Gared Davis -> Julian Howsare
DT Dylan Wynn -> Micah Johnson
LB Chris Edwards -> Kameron Kelly
CB Ciante Evans -> Jumal Rolle
HB Najee Murray -> Richard Leonard
HB DeShaun Amos -> Wesley Sutton
PK Boris Bede -> Seth Small
ST Daniel Adeboboye -> Chandler Worthy

WR Lucky Whitehead -> Malik Henry
WR Kian Schaffer-Baker -> Nic Demski
OC Peter Godber -> Sean McEwen
OG Sukh Chungh -> Ryan Sceviour
OT Jemarcus Hardrick -> Derek Dennis
LB Donald Rutledge -> Derrick Moncrief
CB Winston Rose -> Jonathan Moxley
HB Treston Decoud -> Marcus Sayles

Correction: League corrected 19 of 52 names or 36% of their announced list.


Strange that this was first published with so many wrong players listed, but at least I think the corrections make a lot more sense. Mostly in the area that I was interested in was the Western O Line. The 1st listing didn't have any Calgary O Line players listed with their record it certainly didn't make sense to me.

I agree, however comments from Calgary were that they were using this 1st listing as motivation to show what a sham the CFL made of these selections. They are more determined to excell in the finals to show how they were mistaken. Pros don't get upset they show with their performance the league errors made.

Maybe the CFL accidently looked at fan voting. Admittedly I stuffed the ballot box with BC Lions.

I was a bit taken aback by the original list to say the least. The Stamps had the best OL in the league - 3 RB's who averaged over 6 yds/carry - almost 400 more yds on 30 less attempts than the 2nd best running team. The least sacks on considerable more dropbacks than the Bombers & Lions. And no representatives?

I'm OK with this revised list but one obvious question. How is Mario Alford the Western REP for the ST player award & NOT on the All-Star squad. That doesn't make any sense at all. :sunglasses:

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Exactly, I am likewise okay with the list of all stars but my wife and I had that very discussion. How can a player be the nomination as the best at a position from a conference but not be recognized as being the allstar in that position for the conference?

i am shocked Sankey or Dean where not included

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Yep, it's pretty embarrassing that the player that led the league in tackles didn't even make the list. With all respect, Moncrief isn't even in the top 2 linebackers on his own team. That's not a knock against Moncrief, but more of a statement of how good the Riders linebacking corps is/was.

i agree with you Moncrief is a great player but when you look at what the other two did this season its crazy to think neither of them got the nod here. if you look at Bighills stats and compare them to Sankey bighill did worse in all categories except Interceptions where they tied. i doubt these votes were based on the individual performance seems like overall team performance and bandwagons played a big part. Also, how can the west special team's player of the year not get the all-star spot??

Excuse my ignorance but what does CLB stand for? I'm familiar with WILL, SAM, and MIKE but can't recall having seen CLB used before and Google doesn't help me. Whatever that refers to may be why Moncrief shows up instead of Sankey or Dean. Still surprised though that neither made the list.

Corner-Line-Backer ? Would be my guess ?

CLB = Cover linebacker = SAM

Davis Sanchez calls the position: Nickel Linebacker.

You would never find the tern CLB used anywhere other than in the CFL. That is because the position is as you would expect: a linebacker who spends almost all the time covering a receiver. A CLB has to be physical as well when the action is close to the line of scrimmage. So typically in the CFL, CLB's are former American college safeties who while they are not the best cover guys, they can do it and are physical when needed.

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The reality is that this position is really a defensive back with CFL offenses running with 5-rec sets sets 95% of the time on 1st/2nd down.

Bighill has the name recognition. I would have picked Sankey over Bighill. In fact I would have picked Thurman over Bighill this year but I don't necessarily have a problem with Bighill being there. Not a Stamps fan but the Stamps front 7 is the best in the league. Orimolade was as good as Lemon. Rose is a stud & I don't think there is a better pair of LB's than Judge & Thurman, including the Rider duo. :sunglasses:

Changed my mind. The league's second-best team, the Lions, had only 4 all-stars? Call the coppers, we's been robbed!


I hear you.

If not for lack of playing time (due to injuries) Nathan Rourke and Brian Burnham would've made the list on offense. A healthy Steven Richardson would've easily been the best DT in the CFL. Then there's Woody Barron who missed 12 games... who knows?

It might've been eight all-stars for BC and eight for the Bombers (Zack bumped for Nathan).

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The old coulda, woulda, shoulda, sigh. Trouble is I can't really argue any selection except Parades, I thought Whyte 'shoulda' got that one. You mean Steven Richardson right?(as if anyone uses his real first name :smiley:).

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