Updated - Kelly Jeffry hired as Riders’ OC

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Buck pierce ? Lapo ?

Would Pierce leave Wpg on a lateral move? Maybe if it was a head coaching job, which would be a promotion, but why move home and family for the same job he has now?


He might consider it as the HC position is likely to become available sooner than it will in Winnipeg.

If I was him I'd stay put and wait for an HC position to actually open up. Let's face it, he's currently working under, and learning from, the Coach of the Year. Why would he leave that unless it was to make the next step up?

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Please take Tommy Condell!!!!

Are you kidding, this is a full time job out here. You can’t just show up halfway through the season and start pitting your team together. That only works in the east.

Well if there was a move here as OC and the team did exceptionally well because of it wouldn't much of the Credit go to the HC and thus making a resign almost automatic.......So no move from OC to HC make the decision to move senseless!

more on possible OC Kelly Jeffrey

Better make a decision before you lose your man for taking to long. They should pretty much know who they want. Why wait and take a chance, just. , do it. As Arnold would say. And cross your fingers. Lol

Doesn’t sound good for mueller, if they want him you think that would be a done deal by now, if the feelings mutual.

Yeh, that one year deal left for Dickenson is going to be a killer for prospects to be guaranteed more than a cup of coffee for a year. I'm wondering if a HC can sign a co-ordinator for longer than the HC contract.

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Not sure who they should hire but glad Maas is gone and don't think he should be picked up by anyone else. Pretty good player but not coach material.

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Yeah, that knew coaches cap is coming home to roost. I wonder who it was who initiated that coaches cap. Huge mistake for the cfl.

With Khari Jones off the market, looks like Jeffery wins the position by default.

This is where the organization really pays for what went on last year.......

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So much for the perrenial winner scenario.

Win or lose always a Riders Fan! I will back the team...GO RIDERS!